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  • 9 March 2022
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Is there a way to follow the revenue of a certain segment of profiles over all time? 



Best answer by Bobi N. 9 March 2022, 08:33

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Yes there is but it is a manual thing. This is not statistic available in Klaviyo for some reason but you can check this by going to:

  • Placed Order metric for your account
  • Than go to Best People tab
  • Than click Export to CSV button and in the dropdown just select the segment you want to check
  • When the download is finished go to the revenue tab and sum it for all the people in that segment

This will give you the numbers you are looking for but as you can see it is manual process that you will always have to do manually, but at least you get what you need at the end :) 

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Thank you, Bobi. Works like a charm :)



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Great tip @Bobi N., I’ve never really explored the metrics section analytics before. 


Question for both, now that we have this data, what are some tactics/examples on how to use this information?

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Hi, we have this lead gen mechanism that collects contacts. We want to be able to understand how much revenue these “new” contacts bring over time. So we will be able to set some benchmarks and KPI’s for similar campaigns. Does this make sense?

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Hey Manny
Client usually request this data when they have different marketing strategies.. for example google ads or fb adds so they want to see if the money they spend correspond with the money they made from those lists/segments

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Awesome, thanks for the examples @Iztok and @Bobi N. !


Hai thank you for this information when I tried doing this I reached till Best People tab but then I couldn't find the export Icon. Attaching the screenshot. We were using Magento

Thank you 


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the export button is before Charts in the menu but since you are not seeing it I guess you don’t have Admin access. Only Admins can export data from accounts, so ask for Admin access so you can do this.