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  • 23 November 2021
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I am looking to build a segment out for VIP customers who spend more than $200 per purchase when there is a sale. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


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Hello @lotuskbad,

Thank you for sharing this question with our Klaviyo community.

When you mention per purchase, are you referring to the entire order or $200 for a single item in the total order? If you’re referring to the entire order, then you will want to use Revenue in your segment definition. This is because revenue looks at total placed order value. For example, What somebody has done > Revenue is at least 200 > in the last X amount of days. The X amount of days representing the number of days the sale had been going on for. And send a campaign to this segment.

Alternatively, you can set-up a flow using the $value parameter and, if you’d like you can also add a custom property to tag these people as VIPs in the flow. From here, add your regular emails to this flow. This flow will target users with orders with a value of 200+ actively placing orders in real time. No need for an “in the last x amount of days” component for the flow. You would simply need to turn the flow live during the sale period and then turn the emails to draft mode when the sale is finished.


If you’re referring to a single item order value of $200+ during time period X, I’m afraid we cannot break down the value of a single item in a segment definition. We can only look at the aggregate values of placed orders. I hope that information is helpful!

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