December + Top 2023 Community Allstars

  • 2 February 2024
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December + Top 2023  Community Allstars
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In the Klaviyo Community  we value the spirit of collaboration and support among individuals who share common goals. Together, we create an environment filled with valuable business and technical insights, mutual support, and constructive feedback. We're truly grateful for the incredible contributions from every member of our community.


Now, it's time for us to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our top performers from November. Prepare to be inspired as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable people who have not only advanced our community, but also continue to set a higher standard of excellence. Join us in this celebration and let their success ignite the flames of inspiration in all of us!


December’s Allstars:



2023 Top Allstars:



To become a community Allstar: fully engage with the community, actively participate, and accumulate points. Numerous opportunities to contribute lie ahead, from initiating discussions and providing valuable assistance to fellow members, to earning nods of appreciation through likes, and presenting innovative solutions to your peers' questions.

With each point you earn, you'll ascend the ranks, gaining access to coveted badges as you progress, and potentially earn an exclusive invitation to join the esteemed Superusers Group.

3 replies

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Hey @bluesnapper @KeviSunshine @gmartu @ddowie @RetouchedDK, Congrats on being our top contributors in December!

@bluesnapper @Jessica eCommerce Badassery @KeviSunshine @Tonio @SeanMcC, Congrats on being our top contributors for ALL of 2023!!🎉🏆

Thank you all so much for your amazing contributions in the community. It is members like you who truly make our community what it has become today. Thank you again for all your effort in helping us make the community a place for all people to come to learn, grow and collaborate to make their marketing dreams come true!

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Yay! Congrats everyone 😁

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let’s keep learning y’all! 😊