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Feature Updates: Self-Serve Single Opt-In and SMS Flows in the Flow Library

  • 5 February 2021
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Feature Updates: Self-Serve Single Opt-In and SMS Flows in the Flow Library
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Hi Klaviyo Community,

I’m Ashley from the Academy Team, and I’m excited to share two new feature updates! Both are big improvements to our existing functionality and will likely solve some pain-points that you may have previously faced.

First off, any account can now enable single opt-in for a given list. Single opt-in allows customers to subscribe to a list without confirming their subscription via email or SMS. That said, double opt-in is still the default and highly recommended in order to maintain good deliverability. 

If you have a use-case that necessitates single opt-in, you can toggle on this setting by, first, navigating to the specific list. Then, click Settings and select single opt-in rather than double opt-in. 


For more information about the double opt-in process, why it is important, and how to enable single opt-in when necessary, head to our Guide to the Double Opt-In Process

Another key feature update is an expansion of our Flow Library to include pre-built SMS flows. If you have SMS enabled in your account, you can now filter by SMS tags to find these flows. Use these SMS flows as a base template and then customize the messages within to match your brand’s style and tone to make them your own.


If you’re just getting started building out flows in Klaviyo and want instructions and inspiration around how to do so, head to Getting Started with Flows.

Happy sending everyone!

2 replies

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Even though I have opted for single opt-in, Klaviyo still sends double opt-in emails.

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Hi @giannishadj,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I noticed you started a thread on this topic below:

My colleague @Taylor Tarpley left a couple of suggestions for you there to investigate the issue, I hope those are helpful.