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Share your innovative Klaviyo AI use cases - win prizes!

  • 18 April 2024
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Share your innovative Klaviyo AI use cases - win prizes!
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Hi Community!


Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing game? Klaviyo's cutting-edge AI features are here to propel your strategies to new heights. Harness the power of data-driven insights, smarter decision-making, and streamlined workflows like never before.


Why use Klaviyo AI?

The AI hype is real, but it's only as good as the data it uses. With Klaviyo, you're tapping into the best data available, empowering you to truly level up your marketing efforts.


🔮 Smarter Insights: Peek into the future with predictive analytics. Forecast next order dates, lifetime value, churn risk, and more. Plus, deliver personalized product feeds tailored to each customer's preferences.


🏆 Smarter Decisions: Elevate your strategies with AI-driven insights. Benchmark against industry standards, automate A/B testing, optimize form displays, and ensure your emails land in the right inbox at the right time.


🛠️ Smarter Work: Say goodbye to manual tasks. Let AI do the heavy lifting with segment creation, SMS campaign generation, email content suggestions, and even drafting Review responses.



Join the Contest:

Share your best use case for Klaviyo AI - whether you're revolutionizing customer segmentation, crafting hyper-personalized campaigns, or streamlining workflows, we want to see what you can come up with!


How to Enter:


Use the form at the bottom of the page to outline your innovative use case for Klaviyo AI. You can use written text, pictures, code, screenshots, flow/campaign IDs, and anything else you can think of!

We want you to get creative with it, so there are no boundaries here!

The best use case will be determined subjectively by our judging panel of Community Specialists based on factors like creativity, derived value, and feature exploration.




See Terms and Conditions Here



🥇 Grand Prize:

  • $200 gift cards to each Citizen Watch, Parker Clay, and Taft Clothing ($600 total)!
  • Limited-edition Klaviyo AI hoodie!
  • Pinned “bragging rights” article on the Community homepage for one week, where you can talk about yourself/your business, and network!
  • Opportunity to speak at By the Numbers, Klaviyo’s weekly internal company-wide meeting!


🥈 Second Place: 

  • $200 gift cards to any two of Citizen Watch, Parker Clay, and Taft Clothing ($400 total)!
    • Mark your choices in the entry form!
  • Limited-edition Klaviyo AI hoodie!
  • Opportunity to speak at By the Numbers, Klaviyo’s weekly internal company-wide meeting!


🥉 Third Place:

  • $200 gift card to any one of Citizen Watch, Parker Clay, or Taft Clothing!
    • Mark your choices in the entry form!
  • Limited-edition Klaviyo AI hoodie!
  • Opportunity to speak at By the Numbers, Klaviyo’s weekly internal company-wide meeting!


PLUS…Three Klaviyo AI Hoodies will go to 3 Honorable Mention winners!


The future of marketing is here, and it's smarter than ever. Share your innovative ideas, learn from fellow marketers, and let's push the boundaries of what's possible with Klaviyo AI.


Join the contest today!


Google Form Entry

[Contest begins at 12:00 pm EST on April 18th, 2024, and closes at 23:59 pm EST on May 9, 2024]


This contest is open to legal residents of the contiguous United States, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Australia, and the United Kingdom . Entrants must be 18+ as of their date of entry in this Contest in order to qualify. 

4 replies

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Can’t wait to see these!

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This is great, Klaviyo, and your AI technologies work well. Way to stay ahead of the curve. Keep going!!!

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Klaviyo’s new AI feature has already shown it’s benefits and usefulness to my role and in turn, company.


Segments AI

Whether I know exactly the segment I am looking to build, I have found using Segments AI to help brainstorm around other ideas for segments. I can type precisely what I want, and then use the additional tool for other examples. This has helped me brainstorm and work through creative blocks. I have been able to use segments almost in the inverse, as instead of using for campaigns, I can think of it as helpful reporting tool by giving me more information about our customers by toggling through and adjusting segments based on criteria. 


Predictive Analytics

We are so excited to see that by looking at customer’s past purchasing behavior, we are able to set up a Predictive Analytics Flow to target this group that is close to their expected next purchase date. Having this as a flow has been great as we can track and monitor it’s performance, then pivot with our messaging if need be. For example, our messaging body copy highlights “Best Sellers Reviews”, but if we feel the conversion isn’t there, perhaps it’s best to add an incentive to help this group make that next purchase. It has been great to not only use Predictive Analytics in Flows, but also for segments to use in campaigns, especially around promotional times.


Excited to continue to learn with Klaviyo AI!