How to automate your customer's journey through integrations and flows

  • 25 May 2022
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How to automate your customer's journey through integrations and flows
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Hi Community! I’m Omar and I’m excited to share some of my tips and tricks with you all, specifically with utilizing integrations in your flows, which will hopefully save you a lot of time and energy!


Realizing our Manual Pain Points in the Customer Journey


After talking to a customer of ours and really understanding their process, we noticed they were still doing a lot of work manually. Our customer, Juizs, not only sells Detox Juices, but also provides coaching sessions and other downloadable resources for their clients. When we interviewed them and looked at their process, one thing became clear. They were manually following up with customers in their post purchase journeys by manually sending out follow-up messages with a helpful PDFs or planning personal calls after buying to gain customer insights.


Since we already had a good base setup in Klaviyo including browse and cart abandonment, new subscriber flow, new customer thank you flow etc., we decided together with the client that automating their work was exactly what we needed to do next.


Utilizing the Power of Automations


By using a combination of Klaviyo, Typeform, Calendly and Zapier we were able to have create a post-purchase flow that has greatly improved our efficiency. By telling certain customers to save their downloadable PDFs, we also invite others who qualify to fill out a Typeform form, which dynamically pre-filled important information based on their order. If they didn’t fill in the information still needed, then another follow-up email was sent. Finally, if no action is taken after these messages, a Klaviyo notification message is sent to the Juizs team with the contact information so they can then personally call this unresponsive customer.



Post-follow up call, when a customer fills out a form, this triggers another flow with a message that sends links to a calendly page (with the correct information pre-filled) so they can book their next personal coaching call. If a customer doesn’t schedule an appointment, we configured Klaviyo to send a reminder message inform the team. Once our client has contacted this customer, we send an automated message afterwards asking for a review.



This process has collected the same important customer data as before, yet has saved the team a lot of manual labor and hours, which we love to see! Who doesn’t want time back?


Efficiency is a Necessity 


Growing a business, either for you or your client, isn’t only about improving workflows and metrics to make more money. Obviously this is very important, but investigating where you can increase efficiency in a company is just as important! The more efficient processes you but in place, the more time you’re freed up to pay attention to other parts of your business that need improvement. Essentially, you’re getting time back to work on your business, not in your business. 


Klaviyo has such great tools that you need to be incorporating into the every-day process of a business. Utilizing Flows enable you to improve and add additional touchpoints to the customer journey while also helping a company to work smarter and more efficiently.


Final Thoughts to the Community


Klaviyo is much more than only a tool for ecommerce growth. Thinking about all the ways you can automate, connect other tools, solve problems or improve processes is worth considering and implementing. Finally, understanding your (internal or external) customers, knowing what they do, how and why they do it can open up ways to also optimize their process and in the end save many hours and possibly mistakes which can be spent thinking about meaningful ways to further grow the business.


-@Omar (Omar Lovert)

Learn more about me on my Champion profile page! 



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Love this case study!

I feel like Notifications is such an under utilized tool in Klaviyo to support a business’s team! Such a great way to close the gap within an email flow to get a subscriber toward that end goal. 

Great info Omar!