How to make popup appear only during first session after registration?

  • 24 December 2021
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Hello, everyone.

Does anybody know how to make popup announcement appear only once during first session after registration? Or if they came following email link, after first click?

This popup is a part of onboarding process to let users know about our special feature


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Hello @AiKul,

Great question!

You can limit how often a Klaviyo signup form appears for your visitors by adjusting the Display Frequency behaviors setting of the form. Enabling this option will cause the form to not display again for the same user based on the amount of days set for this setting. For example, setting the behavior to “Don’t show again after submit form or Go to URL action Show again 90 days after closing” will cause users who receive the form who have closed or submitted the form to not receive the form again for 90 days. 

If you also went ahead and paired this form behavior with the Targeting setting of Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles; this would further limit the form for your visitors. Incorporating this setting will cause users who are already recognized as profiles in your Klaviyo account from receiving this form again. This is great for excluding the form from users who may have already previously interacted with your form or may have been synced to your Klaviyo account through some other means. 

I would suggest playing and testing with these two settings to see if either one or a combination of the two can be used to accomplish your goal. It may also help to take a look at the Guide to Creating a Signup Form Help Center article and the following Community post which goes over a similar subject:

I hope this helps!



I think I have found the solution; basically like most things on the platform, there are bugs. 

The “number of days before the user sees the popup again” feature, is limited by a maximum input. So I used to have it set to 365 days, and the popup kept firing after dismissal, in every page. 

But setting it to 15 days, solved it for us. So I think that when the number of days maxes out the maximum input, it floats back to 0.