Is my form submit rate right?

  • 30 October 2023
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We have a 2.3% form submit rate on our popup. It is a two-page popup.

On the first page, we give a 10% discount and ask for email address. In the second page, we upgrade it to 15% discount and ask for SMS number.

Currently, we have 2.3% sign-up rate (which is very low)

We want it to be at least 5%.

Do we have a 2.3% rate because we have two pages? I mean, let’s say if we remove the second page of the popup, which is requesting SMS, can I say for sure that the conversion rate that is showing up on Klaviyo will increase?

Basically, my question is: the 2.3% rate that’s showing up is the rate for both the first page and the second page, right?

And if, for instance, I remove the second page, the form submission rate will definitely shoot up, right?

Sorry for the long Q lol


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 Hi @nambirajanks 

When a visitor views your form (1st step), the view form count increases by 1. That count is not based on unique visitors, so if they see the form’s 1st step again, the view count increases by 1 again.

The count of submitted forms is based on either step in a multi-step. So if the visitor submits only their email address, the submit count = 1. If they also submit their SMS on the 2nd step, the submit count still = 1.

On that basis, removing the 2nd step (SMS) won’t automatically increase your form submission rate.

Note that, if you have the form configured to appear to the same visitor multiple times, that will increase your view count and, therefore, could reduce your form submission rate e.g they keep seeing it and then clearing it.

Submission rate varies a lot, but 5% is certainly achievable. I have ones that convert between 5% to 20%.

To look at improving your submission rate, I suggest carrying out split tests, varying the content and also the targeting (who sees it, who doesn’t, and when).

Hope that helps!