Can you require Double Opt In for Email but not SMS?

  • 10 July 2021
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For my main list of contacts I had “Double Opt In” enabled - I noticed that a contact did not confirm via email for double opt in, so he was never added to my main list or my “Person is consented to receive SMS” segment. I removed double opt in so now anyone that fills out my form and has phone included will be added both to my main list and SMS segment. Ideally I would like it so that I can just require double opt in for emails, and single opt in for sms. Is there any way to do this?


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Not sure if there’s a way to do it, but I’d recommend not doing it that way.  For legal reasons and for keeping your list clean reasons. 


Here’s a snippet from the Guide To Collecting SMS Consent Article - someone could put another person’s number if the double opt-in isn’t there.  You’d be sending texts to someone who didn’t really sign up and if they report it, can be up to $1,500 per infraction (I believe).  Plus you don’t want to be wasting your efforts on someone who couldn’t take the effort to type “YES” in a text response.


Please note that if the list the form submits to is double opt-in (which all Klaviyo lists are by default), the subscriber can confirm their subscription by text for both text and email consent, but if they do so by email, they will only be opted into email.

Double opt-in prevents visitors from inputting invalid phone numbers or submitting a number on behalf of someone else without their consent. When someone confirms their subscription by texting back "YES," their consent timestamp will be updated.


From the article SMS Compliance Laws:

Consent must be obtained in writing via a physically signed agreement, a digitally signed agreement, or most commonly, an SMS opt-in. An opt-in text message is one in which the user provides you with their number with the understanding that they will receive text messages. During this process, you then send them a text message to confirm that their number is real and that they consent to receive future text messages from your business. 

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Hello @LOKE,

At this time if you were using a single form to collect both Email an SMS consent, there would not be a method to distinguish and offer users only double opt-in for email and single opt-in for SMS consent. This would be accomplishable if you used two separate signup forms, one to collect email consent and another to collect sms consent with each of these forms linked to different lists. 

However, I do agree with @Mailbox Manny that utilizing double opt-in for SMS consent purposes is highly recommended. For other options and to learn more about collecting SMS consent, I would recommend taking a look at the Guide to Collecting SMS Consent article Klaviyo offers that Manny had highlighted previously.

I hope this helps!