Onsite Opt-in for SMS pop up form

  • 18 December 2023
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I am currently just looking to start SMS marketing, I have a number that I’m looking to port into Klaviyo that I haven’t done so and am still on the fence as to which company to go with. I came across this recent news of Postscripts new feature and I thought was really timely in my situation. 


Postscript just released their Onsite Opt-in feature for sms pop up forms, where instead of leaving the website and going to the messaging app just to reply “Y” or “Yes”, a 4 digit verification code is sent to the visitor and they can just tap on the digits from their keypad to autofill the field on the pop up. Example: 


The means that the new subscriber does not need to leave the website at all (better for sign up rates, better conversions, improves analytics tracking, etc.) 


The increase in SMS sign up rate for True Classic more than tripled just from implementing this.

Attached below is the screenshot of the SMS opt in rate for Jones Road after the Onsite Opt-in implementation. 

Jones Road grown more sms subscribers in two months than what they get in a year.



This post is not to hype up a competitor, I feel that Klaviyo, for its size, has more resources to achieve something like that too. I would just like to know if there is anything like that coming for Klaviyo SMS users in the near future?


Apparently Postscript has a patent pending for the method that they are using for this that is specific to eCommerce. How will this affect the adoption on Klaviyo’s end if Klaviyo even plans to? 


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6 replies

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This is what is looked like for True Classic’s sms sign up


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I am also in the same situation, thanks for making this post. I would like to know as well...

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Hi, it’s been awhile, does anyone from within Klaviyo have the answer to this? Thanks. 

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Hi all @Ken9p & @Sung19


Sorry for the late response, this post got a little buried with the holidays! Thank you for sharing this post, I know it is something that other users are interested in as well.


This is something we are looking into and considering. We appreciate your feedback!


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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That’s great Taylor, excited for it to be implemented 

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Hi there @Sung19

I wanted to follow up with you to let you know that we have recently released a new feature to ensure that your customers no longer need to leave your site to opt in!

Here is the help article for more information on the feature. Essentially when someone inputs their phone number into a form with Smart Opt-in enabled, they’ll receive a one-time code that they can click to autofill on iOS and Android browsers to confirm their consent for SMS marketing.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this.