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  • 10 September 2021
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Hey everyone!

I’ve followed the guide

I’m making a text box and I’ve followed the GIF instructions with the following code

<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="sms:+1%20<(844)933-4127&gt;?&amp;body=Send%20this%20text%20to%20subscribe%20to%20SMS%20Updates!%20%28ref:JOIN%29">Text JOIN to (844) 933-4127</a></p>

As you can see it’s looking fine, but the ‘To’ section when I actually click the message it looks wrong.

I am based in Australia, so I’m wondering whether it’s because of that, a code mistake, and if someone based in the US would see an actual number instead of +1<

Also, with this source code would I be able to create this into a button? Just for appearances and better CTA clicking, I imagine.

Thanks heaps in advance :)



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Hey @Michael - welcome to the community!

I think you might have added an extra “space” between the +1 and the number.  %20 is URL encoding for a “space” so that’s why it stopped after the +1

Try this code (assuming 844-933-4127 is your number):

<a href="sms:+18449334127?&amp;body=Send%20this%20text%20to%20subscribe%20to%20SMS%20Updates!%20%28ref:JOIN%29">
Text JOIN to (844) 933-412

Try to copy/paste the code above in the “Source” editor in Klaviyo to make sure it’s a clean copy/paste. Let me know if it worked!


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Hi Joseph,

Yes that’s perfect! Thank you so much for the help :)