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  • 30 March 2023
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Hi everybody


I’m trying to set up a new flow based on “fulfilled” status order within WooCommerce (please see below). I’ve added a filter for my test based on my mail domain ( Unfortunately, nothing has been sent.

Any ideas on what is wrong?


Thanks so much for your help!






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3 replies

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Hey @XaPar 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post!

When testing an event triggered flow (ie Fulfilled Order), you need to pass a test fulfilled order event in your WooCommerce account to the profile in Klaviyo that you are using to test. This event is what triggers the flow not the email address. The flow filter you added based on your email domain will just prevent anyone else from moving through the flow that does not contain the same domain. So if a customer has a fulfilled order event added to their profile, they will still be added to the flow but “skipped” because they fail the flow filter.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @stephen.trumble 

Thanks so much for your answer! I did pass a order with my WooCommerce account ( The order is indeed fulfilled in WooCommerce and yet nothing has been set through Klavyo. I dont want to remove the filter because I want to test fist just on me and my order?



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Hey @XaPar 

Sorry for the delay, thank you so much for your patience. Depending on when the Placed Order event happened (ie before the flow was live?) you may need to backpopulate the flow to trigger. The flow is designed to trigger when the event is recorded. So if you passed the test order before the flow was live it would not put the profile through the flow. Also, when testing I would suggest putting the flow in Manual Mode instead of using the flow filter for the domain. This will allow you to test the flow without having the extra barrier. You will see who is queued for the flow but will allow you to select who it is sent to manually.