Editing & Updating Saved Blocks

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It would be so amazing if there was an option to edit Saved Blocks which can then push and update to all templates/emails where the block is placed. I keep making small adjustments to my blocks and then have to painstakingly reapply them to every single template. 


Is this a feature that could be implemented in the future, please?!


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Hello @caseyaltmandesign,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

At this time is not possible to edit a saved block that would then update all other templates or emails using that block automatically. However, I do believe that this is a great idea and have gone ahead and shared this feedback with our Product Team to take into consideration. 

Really appreciate the feedback you’ve provided to us!

Thank you for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thanks so much! I think this will be a huge benefit to have this feature built out -- big time saver!!

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It would be a great help indeed to be able to view the saved blocks (not only their name but also how they look) and edit the blocks via the email template section. 

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this is SOOOOO Critical.  And a reason to maybe move providers.   

You have the code base for that snippet in your database.  

It would NOT be big stretch to let us edit it and then you update that token in all instances in our flows. 

Right now.  My footer links are BURIED in 100’s of emails and flows.  

I need to update my footer links.   so I need to pay someone to click into EVERY ONE of those click Social Links and add icon, add custom icon (TikTok) add the url, Save, save

RINSE AND REPEAT 100+ times???   

Are you serious?   that's nuts.  

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Hello @KlavYo,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration on this and I understand where you are coming from. My colleague has relayed the request to build out an automated “mass update block X” feature to the product team. We do have some other great features currently in production so stay tuned for those updates 🙂

Based on your description of events, it doesn’t sound like you are using the already-existing saved block feature to expedite the “block update” process. To clarify, you can pre-save a footer link-block (already including the social icon + URL) by clicking on that block and then clicking on the little star icon depicted in the image below.

Once that is saved and named, you can drag and drop that newly saved block from the “Saved” blocks tab in the bottom-left.

Using this method, you will not have to add the icon and the URL every time when updating a section of the email, which will save you a lot of time. That is the purpose behind using saved blocks, to save you a bit of time while we build out a more automated version of this 🙂. For more information on this process, I recommend viewing our article on this here.

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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Hello @Dov I appreciate the quick reply and taking our suggestion into account for a future release. 

I understand the blocks.   But once I have saved that block and have it in 100 emails and now we want to change that footer block to a new phone number, add another Social profile etc…  what are the steps? 


Edit the actual saved block and all 100+ emails auto update?  


Or open each email and update the footer block by replacing that block with another new footer block with the correct info, one email at a time? 

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Hi @KlavYo,

Of course, happy to provide as much clarity as I can.

Yes, the process would be the latter. You would first create a net-new block with the correct information, save that block, and then open each email, delete the old footer block and replace it with the new footer block. I understand it is not the perfect solution, but it is better than manually updating each block with the new information each time as we work towards a more automated solution.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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Being able to edit the saved blocks seems like really pretty basic feature that should be available.  Updating all emails one by one manually is a huge waste of time, staff resources, and money.

Is there a timeline on when saved blocks will be editable? 

I also have hundreds of emails that need the footer updated (along with an about section).

I’m pretty sure functionality like this started becoming common on the internet around 2005 (maybe earlier), so you’re a little behind the times haha.  ;)

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Hello @caseyaltmandesign@Femy@KlavYo@travh and other readers of this thread,

I have some wonderful news to share.

By end of Q4, we will be pushing out a brand new template editor including a feature that will allow you to add a saved block to multiple messages at once, then later edit the saved block(s) and see those edits reflected across all messages.

Thanks for your patience here!

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hi @Dov - that is great news, any updates here? This would be amazing to see

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I too was looking forward to this update. But now i see that the new template editor is not connected with the asset library or any of the original saved blocks. In order to use the new interface & benefit from the new features, every single email needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

This is not great.

Every email in every flow of every client account… Ouch.

I realise that lines must be drawn when launching new systems, but not including integrations to existing image libraries or saved blocks renders this new editor completely useless as we cannot justify the time or expense in rebuilding entire systems for clients who see no change on their end.

I implore you to please look at integration of at least saved blocks across the two editors, then we can save images etc & migrate them across to the new editor.

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PAINFULLY having to go through EVERY email! This should be a a easy update and one as a priority. I also think, instead of making just one small black a Block. You should also be able to save a set of blocks together, and like you said when changed it globally be changed. For example: I have the same set of footer for my sales emails, brand emails, affiliate emails, etc. So instead of having to build a Sales Email Footer with 5 blocks, can just use the one SALES FOOTER BLOCK, which when and if its edited, changes GLOBALLY! This is so huge of a change! Would love this! 

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Hi @squatch19, @alans, @NStrand711 and others following the thread,

I understand this is a hot topic and I thank you all for your patience while I confirmed information internally on the status of the editor updates. I wanted to ensure I relayed accurate information to you all.

First, on the issue of accessing previously saved blocks, we will be offering forwards compatibility for this feature starting Q1 of 2022. Meaning, any saved blocks from the old editor will be accessible in the new editor. However, any saved blocks from the new editor will not be compatible with the old editor. 

Second, we will release access to the current template library for use in the new editor, also starting Q1 2022.

Lastly, the function to have changes made to one saved block apply to other templates (what we call Universal Content) will be rolled out in the same (Q1 2022) timeframe.

I understand not having access to these features at this very moment can be frustrating. Our goal with the initial release was to get our users comfortable using the new editor and testing things out in a benign fashion (not to disrupt any current holiday plans or prep for BFCM). We are working hard to provide transparency and ensure that the remaining features are rolled out promptly while also providing the most value to Klaviyo users. 

I hope that update was valuable for you all and helps clears up any lingering concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you all build great things and succeed with the new editor :) 

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Just wanted to chime in and say how important this is as well. Really need a way to edit/delete saved blocks. 

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Hi there, joining in to emphasize the importance of this!

@Dov thanks for that last update! You mentioned Q1 of 2022.. might you have a more honed-in idea of when this feature may be rolling out?
Thanks so much!


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Hi Helena! (@mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Sub)

Thank you for your question. I understand this feature has been pushed back to next quarter. The team is working hard to ensure that this release is in tip-top shape for everyone to use and enjoy.

I will post an update when it becomes available. In the meantime, thank you all for hanging in there, we know everyone is excited for the launch :)

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Thanks for the swift reply @Dov! Looking forward to it!



I am assessing a move to Klaviyo and wanted more news if possible on this feature of being able to edit a saved section at one place and have it modified everywhere.

This feature has become a standard in most website editors (like weblow..)

That would be a decision maker for us.



Many thanks in advance


Lastly, the function to have changes made to one saved block apply to other templates (what we call Universal Content) will be rolled out in the same (Q1 2022) timeframe.

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Hi @Ant777,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes this feature is in the works and is currently in limited release (we’re testing it out with a select group of clients). Stay tuned for the full release, I will announce an update once that becomes available. 

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Hey all,

I am elated to announce that the wait is over!

Check out all the deets in our latest product announcement: Universal Content Is Now Available for all accounts!

Thanks for your patience through this process, we hope you love it.