Big News: Universal Content is Now Available!

Big News: Universal Content is Now Available!
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Let the celebration begin! This long-awaited feature is finally here! 💥🎊🎉


What is Universal Content in Templates: Users will have the ability to edit their saved blocks and sections in the New Editor and have those changes reflected in all templates where that content is used.


Why and How Does This Help Me: Right now, whenever customers need to make an update to their footer, header links, or any other content that is reused across their templates, they need to go one by one and update every single template.This is tedious and can take some brands a tremendous amount of time. With Universal Content, customers can now save significant time and effort in creating and updating their email designs across various campaigns, flows, and other templates. They’ll also be able to better ensure consistency in their email designs.




  • This feature is only available in the New Editor.
  • All existing New Editor saved content in the account is now universal by default going forward. So, any old saved content that was previously added to existing templates will need to be replaced with their new universal versions in order to be properly “linked”.
  • Customers still have the ability to “unlink” universal content that they add to a template so that their changes only affect the current template and not all others where that section or block is being used as universal content.


Wish you could have someone physically walk through this feature with you? We got ya! Check out this video to have one of our awesome senior product expert walk you through Universal content. 


For more insight into Universal Content, check out  our Help Center Documentation to learn more!


We’d love to hear how you plan to utilize this new feature in your brand’s templates and know if could be helpful to others to hear workflows and ideas shared by other members of the community!

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So excited to see how much time and effort this is going to save our community members! 

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Great news Stephen. However, how would this work for flows? Would we have to create new flows in order to use this feature? And is there a way or an overview page to oversee all saved blocks?


Huge improvement here! Awesome to also see that there is the option to individually edit saved blocks.

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Hey @Femy 

Thanks for asking such a great question about how universal content will work with flows. To keep it very basic the idea is that the changes to saved vs universal content are really changes to the template editor itself. Which means that whether you are sending a campaign or a flow, universal content works the same way as long as you are using the new template editor.

If your flows were created with old email template editor, you will need to go through and create your flows using the new editor. Unfortunately there is no way to transfer your old templates into the new editor, but this is a very worthwhile investment of time. As you are creating your flows with the new template editor, add sections to your universal content or saved content, so building becomes easier as your content library grows. You can see everything that is saved in your universal content library by opening the new template editor. and on the right side instead of saved tab you will see universal in its place. Under this tab you will be able to see all saved blocks or sections and click to see what other templates that block is also being used in. 

Hope this helped answer your questions! Thank you for participating in the Klaviyo Community, we really love to see it!

Hi @stephen.trumble   - I am about to start creating flows - and wanted to use the pre set flows (welcome, cart abandon etc) but it does not look like they are part of the new template editor - is that right? 




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Hi @JAC6968,

Thanks for your question.

That’s correct, not at this time! But In the coming weeks, you’ll have the option to convert your existing email templates to the new template editor to make the process of building flows using the new editor easier.

I hope that’s helpful!