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  • 13 August 2021
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I am developing an e-commerce business on a Shopify platform. We haven’t set up our Klaviyo to Shopify integration and I’ve never used Klaviyo before.

I’m trying to determine if I need a dedicated CRM to manage all of our customer data or if Klaviyo will meet my needs. 

I’d appreciate any information on how others have set up their platform.

Many thanks - B


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4 replies

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Hello @get-pozio,

Great question!

The decision to use another dedicated CRM to manage all fo your customer data in addition to using Klaviyo is up to you and your business decisions! From my experience, for most of our customers, Klaviyo paired with their own ecommerce platform will suffice and meet their needs to manage their customers. 

However, for customers who may want to use their own CRM which may better suit their needs you certainly can use one too! Some notable CRMs that have a native integration with Klaviyo are Salesforce and Zoho. You can find instructions on how to integrate either one of these tools to Klaviyo from the How to Integrate with Salesforce CRM and How to Integrate with Zoho Help Center Articles. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community! Have a great day!


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Hi David - Thanks for the reply!

I suppose where I’m stuck is that I don’t have enough experience with Klaviyo to understand it’s capabilities as a CRM and whether it will meet my needs.  We haven’t set our account up so I can’t see any data.

Is there a place you can point me so I can see a typical customer record, what fields are out of the box and what fields I can customize?

Thanks again for helping out!




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Hey @get-pozio,

Since it sounds like you may potentially be using Klaviyo with a Shopify platform, I would suggest taking a look at both the Reviewing Your Shopify Data and How to Integrate with Shopify Help Center article which will detail the types of data that get synced to  Klaviyo by default. 

The default types of data that would be synced to Klaviyo from Shopify are:

  • Email, First and Last Name, City, State/Region, Zip Code, Country, Phone Number: These built-in Klaviyo fields are automatically populated with all available data from Shopify
  • Accepts Marketing: Whether or not a customer has opted-in to receive marketing, e.g., True/False
  • Shopify Tags: Any custom tags assigned to that customer in Shopify, e.g., Wholesale or VIP

In addition, should you need more information or fields to be synced to Klaviyo, you can also leverage Klaviyo’s flexible API to push this information to tag your contact. You can find more details on Klaviyo’s API from the Getting Started with Klaviyo APIs and Track and Identify API Reference Help Center article. 


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Thanks David - I’ll go through these resources. 👍🏻