Difference between snapshot segment and convert to list?

  • 6 July 2022
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Basically, the current client of mine doesn’t have any list. Since we can’t do a welcome flow without any list, I tried to create a segment first. So I created a segment named “Master list” with a condition of “person is not suppressed”. Now I want to convert this into a list and then connect that list to the sign up form and welcome flow so that I can activate the welcome flow. Is what I’m trying to achieve possible? If possible should I “snapshot the segment” or “convert to list” in the settings? Please let me know


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5 replies

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Hey @nambirajanks,

Great question!

Although it is recommended that a Welcome Series be triggered off of a list, it’s not unheard of for a Welcome Series flow to be triggered off of a Segment either! Using a segment rather than a list to trigger a Welcome Series flow is especially helpful if you have multiple different list and you want to serve the same welcome experience to all of your list subscribers just once. 

However, I would be weary with what you’re doing since you’re only capturing all users who are not suppressed. Contacts who are in the Klaviyo account could still be considered Active (not suppressed) and may not have opted into any marketing efforts. An example of this would be a visitor that added products to their cart but changed their mind. Since this user shared their email address as part of the checkout process, they would trigger a Started Checkout event and be considered an Active profile in Klaviyo. However, this contact would not have opted into any marketing materials. With the exception of sending these users an abandoned cart email, any additional marketing emails sent to this user would be a violation of a number of regulations including CAN SPAM and GDPR. 

Instead, I suggest checking to see if you can somehow cross reference these contacts in the Klaviyo account with those in your ecommerce platform and see if any of these contacts are actually opted in members. If they are then you can create a list from these profiles and continue that list going forward. 

Additionally the difference between the two “snapshot the segment” or “convert to list” segment options is that taking a snapshot of the segment will create a net new list from the existing members in the segment. This leaves the existing segment also intact. The convert to list option will convert the segment to a static list; meaning the segment will automatically be converted into a segment rather than creating a net new list. 

I hope this helps!


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Thanks. That cleared a lot of air but I still have some questions.

  1. ​​​So, it is possible to do multiple (more than 2) emails with welcome flow when I trigger them with segment instead of a list?


  1. In the current scenario, my client has got 18k active email subs inside Klaviyo but I can’t find any in the “list/segment” section. All the 18k is showing up in the “profile” section. Now, what I want to do is to setup a welcome flow (having 8 emails) for all the future subscribers. So what do you think I should do?
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Hey @nambirajanks,

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to incorporate as as many (or as few) emails as you want in a flow triggered by a segment instead of list. A flow triggered by a segment would still be a flow where you can set up the automation with as many emails as you would like.

It’s also expected that the number of Active Profiles in your Klaviyo account will not match the number of subscribers in your main List. In fact, you should see a larger number of profiles in your Klaviyo account as general active profiles rather than list subscribers. This is because not all profiles in your Klaviyo account have explicitly subscribed to your marketing List. You can learn more about active profiles from our Guide to active email profiles Help Center article.

As you’ve previously stated, your current client doesn’t have any list; so this isn’t unsurprising. The easiest and quickest way to gather subscribers and build up your lists would be through signup forms which would allow your customers to opt-in to receiving news updates and various marketing materials from your brand. Our Academy team actually has a great course on this which I’ve linked here: Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy Using Signup Forms.

In addition to the various resources found in our Community, I’ve also included some resources below that I think would be helpful to review:



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So basically now I created a segment with a condition of properties about someone → accepts marketing is true.

Now, I’m gonna link this segment to trigger a welcome flow when anybody joins this segment.

  1. What I did now is correct right?
  2. The client has their sign up form created inside Shopify. Now whenever signs up for marketing emails will they be included in this segment?
  3. Now, the active profiles inside Klaviyo is 18k but under this condition, now the segment has 10k people. Which means 8k of them didn’t sign up for our marketing emails and we shouldn’t send them any campaigns. Am I right?

Hopefully my last Q. Thanks brotha

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Hey @nambirajanks,

I would encourage you to take a look at some of our additional resources found in both our Help Centers and our various Community topics submitted by other users. 

One thing you’ll want to understand is that the Accepts Marketing profile property synced from Shopify to Klaviyo does not directly correlate to weather or not a customer is a subscriber and has or has not opted into marketing. This is explained in About the Accepts Marketing Property subsection of the Getting started with Shopify Help Center article. 

The setup you have would really depend on a number of factors such as how everything in your account is connected, how their supposed to function, etc. which in turn would distinguish those who have directly opted in and subscriber to marketing efforts versus those who have not. Maintaining proper list health and ensuring you are only contacting those subscribers who have shared explicit consent is the responsibility of the account owners and users. 

Essentially, without a proper audit to see what is actually going on in the account first-hand, it’s not fully clear if your segment is truly compromised only of subscribers who have shared explicit consent. In my personal experience, simply using a segment with the rules of “Accepts Marketing = True” is not a great segment definition and does not give me a level of confidence that those users are subscribed. As i’ve mentioned previously, I would further suggest cross reference these contacts in the Klaviyo account with those in the ecommerce platform to ensure you are only contacting subscribers. 

Since you’ve previously mentioned you didn’t have an existing list, it may also be a good idea to consider starting from scratch to grow your list. One of our Community Champions and Klaviyo Partner, @Akers Digital actually have a great write up on this topic which I’ve included below:

If you need more hands on assistance such as an audit of the account to evaluate the state of the account, I would recommend reaching out and speaking with some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners who can help! You can find a list of our awesome Klaviyo Partners from our Klaviyo Partner Directory