Getting TONS of spam bot email signups

  • 15 January 2024
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I have a client that was just set up on Klaviyo at the end of November. She’s had over 2500 new emails on her list but has only gotten 24 signups from the popup and only a couple hundred orders from shopify. Looking at the profiles they have really odd profile IDs and email addresses so I think these are all spam bots. 

  1. How do I troubleshoot where they are coming from so that we can fix? There is no source info in their profile.
  2. How do I clean them out and how do I automate that so process? 

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3 replies

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Hey @LisaRiz! You’re probably right in suspecting bot activity. Does your client have double opt-in enabled for this list? Klaviyo highly recommends double opt-in for this reason exactly. It prevents bots subscribing to your lists which mess up your analytics and unnecessarily rack up your active profile count. 


As far as cleaning them out and automating that process, you can create a segment and suppress them in bulk. (Here’s how to do that if you aren’t sure). When creating your segment, look for patterns like domain names to include in your segment conditions to capture as many as possible. Another member asked about a similar issue and there are some good ideas how to handle this problem in this post as well. 


Hope that helps!


I know that enabling double opt in will significantly reduce the amount of legitimate signups. Is there a way to protect her account without enabling double opt in? 

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This is actually a really common myth! Double opt-in is a best practice recommended because it decreases your bounce rate increases your deliverability rate, both of which are great things for your domain.


Secondly, because it prevents junk signups you also won’t need to clean your lists as often since you know your subscribers are real humans who definitely want to hear from you (or make you have to create special segments to suppress junk emails in bulk 😉). Bots aside, real humans make typos which would also prevent a legitimate signup from actually receiving your emails with single opt-in. 


It’s true double opt-in means an extra step for your subscribers, but the benefits to both you and your customers greatly exceed leaving it disabled.


All that said, if I still haven’t convinced you and you’re firm on single opt-in there are 3rd party tools you can look into to mitigate spam subscribers. A common one the community references a lot is SpamAssasin, but there are lots of options.


Hope that helps!