Will importing contacts trigger an automated email? (I know...basic question, but I'm a newbie :) )

  • 18 August 2021
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I am new to Klaviyo and trying to be super careful. I need to import a list of people who have been subscribers for a long time (outside of Klaviyo).

When I import them to my newsletter list will it trigger any kind of automated email? (These people have been subscribed for so long that they will be confused if they get a verification email or a welcome email). 

Thank you for reading this and for forgiving the novice nature of my question ;) :D




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5 replies

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Ok I feel a bit dumb, but it doesn’t appear to trigger anything (phew). I can’t seem to delete this topic to hide my trail of stupidity ;) 

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Maryanne - the best get places asking what they think are stupid questions. Glad you figured it out :) 

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Hey guys, just an update on this, and a little tip for list management. When importing data, if from a spreadsheet, you can add a new dynamic property to customers, such as “Existing customer”. This can be a simple Yes/No, Y/N etc.


What this will then allow you to do is tag groups of customers by whether they’re new, or imported, which works wonders for reporting as you can filter out any bulk imports and track list growth more accurately.


If you want some more specifics on how to do this, will be happy to reply with more detailed steps

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Hello @mwallace,

Thank you for posting this question. As @AnnaW kindly pointed out, there are no stupid questions! This is a place for learning and knowledge sharing so I am glad you inquired about this.

Also, thank you so much @ejburney for your helpful tip!

@mwallace, to speak to your question directly, if you have a flow triggered off of a list (and the flow emails are live) and you upload contacts to that list, those newly uploaded users will begin to move through that flow. 

There are a couple of ways to prevent this from occurring. The first is to temporarily turn all emails in your welcome flow from live to draft mode pre-upload. Wait about 30 minutes post-upload, and then turn those welcome emails back to live mode. 

If you have already imported them into a list triggered off of a live flow, no worries! You can skip them from remaining flow emails by creating a net-new list (not triggering any flow) and re-importing them into that new list. As a side note, since these profiles already exist in Klaviyo, you only need to import their email addresses into the net-new list, we will retain all other data about the profile and no duplicate profiles will be created upon re-upload.

Next, add a flow filter to your flow triggered off of the original (Newsletter) list which reads: “is not in list > (name of new list)”. That will ensure these users who inadvertently entered the welcome flow and may have received an email already do not receive any(more) welcome emails :)

Lastly, in the chance that these users did inadvertently receive a welcome email, say the first one, before being skipped by the filter for the remaining emails, optionally you can send a campaign to the net-new list to say the welcome email send was a mistake.

Hope that is helpful and glad you asked this question because it is more common than you would think!

I’m glad you couldn’t delete it because I had the same question!