Ecommerce Packaging: An innovative solution to brand awareness [Live Training]

  • 20 May 2021
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We had the opportunity to collaborate with Phillip Akhzar, Founder and CEO of Arka , for an interactive session on using custom packaging to generate brand awareness and loyalty. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, feel free to check out the recording above. In the session, we covered: 

  • Why fulfillment and creating personalized experiences will create winners and losers among SMBs and large ecommerce marketplaces.
  • Consumers wanting brands to use sustainable packaging and what that means for revenue growth.
  • How to choose the best packaging
  • Creating custom packaging experiences
  • Marketing strategies incorporating packaging (solid ideas for holiday marketing :wink:)

Start viewing packaging as an “owned channel” and extend brand engagement beyond the product experience. Many brands are missing the opportunity to give customers “one more thing” to talk about in an area of the customer lifecycle that can be out of our control. To increasing your brands value, generating UGC from unboxing videos, exclusive branded packaging for VIPs, really give packaging a second look when you’re crafting your marketing strategies. 

After you’ve viewed the video, check these academy courses below, to help you implement some of the strategies we discussed in the video:

….One more thing. We’ve partnered with Arka, to provide feedback on YOUR current ecommerce packaging. Email with the subject line: Ecommerce Packaging Live Training and we will send the address to ship your package to where Arka will provide live video feedback (great opportunity for brand exposure and everyone learns :grin:)

If you have questions for Arka, directly, you can email Let us know what you thought of this session and how will you use custom packaging in the future!

4 replies

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This is awesome! Thank You!

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@Anthony Glad you enjoyed it! What was your biggest takeaway and is there anything you wanted us to cover more in-depth? 

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I liked how you talked about why packaging matters and how it can positively or negatively effect your brand. 

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@Anthony :raised_hands_tone5:  and that’s just a piece of the puzzle. If you have the time, I def recommend checking out Shopify’s Future of Ecommerce guide. Fulfillment x customer experience is going to make or break brands.