Why aren't my embed forms displaying correctly on my webflow page?

  • 26 March 2023
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I have a 1-page lander built using Webflow that uses the same Klaviyo Embed Form throughout the page. However, the form only appears once on the landing page (mainly the hero section) and not at the other sections of my page.


I’ve checked and the script + HTML embedded codes are correctly placed and unsure why the form is only showing up on the header, when it’s using the same exact code + class on the other sections.

I’m using Webflow → HTML Embed to put my Klaviyo code in.


Is there some limitation to how many of the same Klaviyo Sign Up forms you can embed on 1 page?
I previously had no issues putting multiple sign up forms (of the same form) on my 1-page lander.




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6 replies

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Hi @hellonancy


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


No, an embed form should show as many times as you insert it into your website’s backend. In my experience, when users are experiencing issues having their forms load after correctly inserting the code, the culprit could be multiple .js scripts in your HTML code. Duplicate scripting on your site can effect how your sign up form performs.


After removing the excess coding, please let me know if you still are experiencing issue!


Thanks for partipcating in the Community!



Hi! I’m having the same issue...this was working fine a week or so ago when I first set it up, but now only the first instance of the embed is rendering on the page.  Can you elaborate on the kind of code you think is interfering?

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Hi @mcneillshiner


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing something similar, happy to help! 


The code I was talking about is  Klaviyo .js code. 

<script type="text/javascript" async="" src=""></script>

To look into the backend of your website’s code you can right click on your homepage > View Page Source > Type Cntrl + F then add ‘Klaviyo’. You should only see one line of the klaviyo .js script and then your embed code in your website’s code as well, that should look something like below:

Can you confirm that you see both of those things? 


Hope this helps! 


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Hi @hellonancy and @mcneillshiner


If you have taken the proper procedure to remove the duplicate .js and confirm that the embed code is found on your site, you have cleared your cache and cookies and still are seeing no change, please let me know! 


If that is the case, the engineering team has reported embed forms not showing even if installed correctly. Our engineering team is currently investigating the issue and working to correct the issue. I will let you know when I have an update if this is indeed still an issue for you all!




Hi Taylor,


Yes, we’ve confirmed that there’s no extra Klaviyo JS that should be interfering, have cleared cache/cookies and tested on multiple devices.

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Hi all! 


Happy to share that is issue has been fixed! 


Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues.