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  • 14 July 2021
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why my flows and campains send to spam of my customers? what i can do?


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Hello @idoo199777,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Klaviyo doesn’t have insight into where your emails are being placed. An inbox provider, at most, will tell Klaviyo if they are accepting the emails or not. How an inbox provider such as Gmail or Yahoo determines where to place your emails is defendant entirely on your sending reputation and your sending infrastructure. The method used by these inbox providers to determine the placement of your emails are not made public but is often times decided based on your open and click rates, number of unsubscribes, amount of spam complaints, etc.

To reduce the number of emails being determined as spam, I would recommend taking a look at the following Help Center Articles Klaviyo offers on this subject as well as reviewing the included Community post made by several other Community members on this subject:

Other common reasons that may be causing your emails to land in spam can be due to you using a sender email address from a free email provider such as a domain with,, etc. or if you have a DMARC policy in place without using a dedicated sending domain. As detailed in the How to Change the Sender Email Address Help Article “Sending mass email from a personal address can cause inbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. to flag your messages as spam, as this is considered to be suspicious activity.”. To resolve this we recommend using a profession email address that includes your domain name. @Julia.LiMarzi has a wonderful Community post with steps on how to update your sending address within Klaviyo below:

If your notice that your issue pertains more so to DMARC, I would take a look at the following posts:

I hope this helps!


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Hello @idoo199777,

I have created a nifty tool to do automated list cleaning, email validation & inbox testing for klaviyo ( Please let me if you would like to try it out. It can help you with improving the deliverability of your campaigns.