Improving Campaign Performance - Open Rate, Email Conversion, Deliverability

  • 15 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

The company I work for has two websites and both utlize email marketing via Klaviyo. 

The first sells men’s grooming products - razors, aftershaves, balms, soaps, etc. 

The list size of this one is nearly 22,000. The segmentation we have has mostly been based on engagement, but now we’ve moved to Non-Purchasers/First-Time Purchasers/Repeat Customers, and the second one performs worse than the first. With that in mind, we’re seriously struggling with campaign performance. I’m coming from an agency, so I’d say our emails look decent, especially because I’ve seen emails which look far worse in all aspects, but perform better (in other industrise, however.

The second sells surfing gear - surfboards, wetsuits, bags, etc.

The list size is nearly 5,000, and we’re sending to the Master list, as we’re seeing 20-35% open rates and about 1.3% - 2.6% click rate, but once again, struggling with conversions.

I’m not sure what to do anymore. We send about two campaigns per week or less, and it’s a mix between promotional and content, as we have plenty of blog posts on both. When it comes to promotional campaigns, we’ve tried the following: 

  • BOGO
  • % Off (which is typically 10% - 15%) - on specific collections or products.
  • Lowering Free Shipping Threshold
  • Bundles


I’m hoping that someone here can help me out. Thank you!


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Hi @NJVasic ,


Thanks for your insightful and detailed post to the Community and I hope to provide some insight!


Campaign performance is a great thing to pay attention to and I’m glad to hear that you and your team have been taking note of all the important analytics. 

To start, I have provided some documentation regarding email deliverability best practices. It’s always great to take a refresher course on deliverability for emails as there are so many factors that can go into a good vs great campaign. 

There are many factors that can cause low open rates. You can check out this help guide on how to address low open rates: How to Increase Campaign Open Rates and How to Increase Flow Open RatesThis article also features a great checklist to follow if you are already following deliverability best practices and still getting low open rates. 

Segmentation is also important to improving conversion rates and improving overall metrics on your emails! Creating engaged segments, as well as cleaning your lists often can improve your deliverability and open rates!


In addition, do you happen to be using SMS as part of your marketing strategy? Other businesses have found that adding SMS was a great tool to their marketing! I recommend taking our SMS Academy course to earn your official SMS Strategy Certification credentials.


Another question to consider is if your emails are going to spam. Sometimes, customers have found their flows or campaigns have been going to the spam folders of emails.

Luckily, we have great examples from other Community members as well as documentation about your emails going to spam. Related to spam emails is the possibility of running into DMARC issues.

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance” and it is a policy designed to give domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. Further documentation regarding this topic can be found in this article:


Hope these resources were helpful! Feel free to let us and the rest of the Community know your strategies as well as any solutions you think of as well!



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Hey Alex. 

Thank you for putting the effort into your reply. However, I’m not sure whether we’re experiencing deliverabilty issues. Sure, stats could be better, but looking at the last three campaigns, the average open rate for these stands at 24.5% and click rate is at 1.7%, and about 6 conversions. The list size is nearly 5K.

In any case, wanted to share my suspicious, but I’ll definitely go through the resources you’ve provided. 


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Hi @NJVasic ,


Glad I could provide some resources for you to look through! Never hurts to review the documentation and maybe you’ll find a new thing or two as well. Apologies I do not have an exact workaround for how to improve your conversion rate specifically. However, I can provide the resources I find that can assist with you and the rest of the Community to gain knowledge on what improvements could help businesses to increase conversion rates. 


Here are some blog posts that talk about how to improve conversion rates and some techniques others have found to optimize their conversion rates and workflow:

Converting Welcome Emails

Conversion Techniques to Increase Return on Ad Spend

Conversion Rate Optimization


We also have a great amount of Academy courses related to conversion. I would recommend checking these out in your free time as I have found some of these to be pretty useful in improving my own knowledge of strategy! 


Thanks again for being a part of the Community and hope you have a good rest of your day!


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Much appreciated! Thank you.