Recap discussion: 2022 Klaviyo Account and List Clean Up

  • 21 January 2022
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This training explains the importance of list hygiene and walks you through some steps you can take to clean up your subscriber list with a focus on building segments to classify subscribers by engagement level. In this video, we cover:

  • The importance of list hygiene
  • Manually suppressing contacts
  • Sunsetting subscribers
  • Re-engaging and nurturing subscribers 


You may need additional help or details on some of the topics we cover in this training. Check out this curated list of help resources that can provide you with more detailed steps on how to execute each element:


Looking for a checklist to make sure you’ve got it all covered? Open this Account Cleanup Checklist and MAKE A COPY for yourself. Use this as a guide to help you build the segments covered in this training. 

5 replies

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Hi there, 


I created the “never active” list exactly as it was on the meeting and I have people in the list that received email last Sunday (2 days ago) and started checkout. 


Please advise.


Thank you 

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Hi @Meme Rebels!

The way we built the Never Active segment in the training, the segment will show folks who have received an email (meaning you gave them the change to engage with email) and that they have never opened an email, clicked an email or placed an order.

If you want to also filter out people who are Active on Site or who Started Checkout, you can simply add additional criteria to your segment. In this case, you would add “person has started checkout zero times over all time”. By adding this extra criteria, you will filter out those two people who started checkout. 

Hope that helps! 

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I created the “No Emails Received L180” according to the checklist and I’m getting customers in the list who are tagged as “accepts marketing” = false. I see in the checklist that I’m supposed to send a re-engagement campaign but I can’t email these folks - am I allowed to target these profiles on Facebook?

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@shenkaa This is a great question, and you bring up a great point. If the profile property of Accepts Marketing is “false”, then it makes sense that they would not have received any emails in the last 180 days (since they did not accept). 

You can retarget these folks on Facebook. My suggestion would be to run a lead generation ad on Facebook. This ad would encourage them with some sort of incentive to subscribe to your email list (and effectively accept marketing). 

You could even create two different “No Emails Received” segments — one that includes a condition where “Accepts Marketing” is “False” and one where “Accepts Marketing” is “True”. You could target the first group with a Facebook ad and then simply send a campaign to the second group. 

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@jennifer.brisebois thanks so much, this is really helpful!