Create a show/hide condition block depending on profile marketing permission

  • 5 April 2023
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Hi, I am trying to create a text blok in Flows with a show/hide condition logic. I want to show this text block to profiles that are not registered to get our marketing emails: who have never subscribed to our list or who have unsubscribed. 


Please help me with the rule.


Thank you.


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3 replies

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Hello @Lina,

Do you mind sharing more on your use case for something like this? 

It’s against Klaviyo’s acceptable use policy and terms of service - not to mention a violation of a number of regulations - reaching out to users who have not shared explicit consent. 


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Hi @David To ,


Thank you for your reply. I want to send Abandonment Checkout reminder and add information that we will not add the person to our email list for other marketing messages mentioning that they receive the message because they left something in our cart. And obviously I do not want to show this message to our existing subscribers.


I think this does not violate any terms and policies.

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Hi @Lina


Hopping for David here! Happy to clarify some things here! 


To be clear, you should not be sending any content to those who have unsubscribed from your emails, it’s good to regularly suppress those who have unsubscribed so they don’t get any further marketing content from you, only transactional emails. Unfortunately, even Abandon Cart emails are considered promotional emails and not transaction emails, so users who have unsubscribed shouldn’t receive these emails. 


However, active profiles who for instance gave their email at a previous checkout without subscribing to your marketing, could trigger an Abandon Cart email. However, you’re right that users who haven’t explicitly opted in might not like receiving a non-transactional email, even if it’s about a product they were close to purchasing. I would consider creating a flow filter for those who are not in your main list to prevent them from receiving this email and potentially unsubscribing because of it. 


However, if you choose to go ahead and email these active profiles, there isn’t a way to show/hide dynamic content dependent on whether a user is or isn’t in a list. Your best best would be a condition split asking if they are in your main list and sending two different emails depending on that factor.