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  • 8 April 2021
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If someone subscribed to my site for the 20% discount on their first order, does klaviyo recognized this same email address and prevent this person from subscribing again to get another 20% discount coupon in their email?  I have been on sites that use Aweber that says that I’m already subscribed.  Does Klaviyo also generates similar message when someone is already subscribed that has already received my signup discount code?


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Yes, Klaviyo prevents this person from subscribing again. B’coz Klaviyo has the profile section when they enter in your profile once they will not get the discount code.

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Hi @jess,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community. And thank you @forman for your input.

We will not prevent a user from re-entering their email address into a sign-up form multiple times, nor do we post a notice that a user has already subscribed. However, we only allow profiles to pass through a list or segment triggered flow once. Therefore, if they were to sign-up multiple times, we would still only process them through the flow once. This will prevent them from receiving the code multiple times. 

Thanks and have a great day.

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So if a person is prevented from getting another discount code when they subscribe again, what response will the system send to the person if the person is not notified that they’ve already subscribed?  Does the person get added to my list again? 

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Hi @jess 


Happy to help here!


If someone on your list signs up again through the form they will see the success message like any other sign up. They would not be added to the list again so they would not receive a welcome flow email but properties would be updated if you have custom properties for them to fill out on the form.


You do have a few behavioral options for people who are already on your list and are being tracked. The profile would have to be cookied before we can see these settings take effect. I am including this help doc that goes much more in depth about cookies in Klaviyo and how and when we can track on site activity.


In the sign up form builder you can update these settings:

  • In the email input block, you can pre-populate the email field if it is already being tracked
  • On the behaviors tab you can limit the form to not show to existing Klaviyo profiles:


For your reference, I’m including this doc and more specifically about form behavior


I hope this helps!


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I’m also trying to figure this out.

People may not remember that they may have signed up 2 years ago. Now they get a new phone for example, Klaviyo has not tracked them and they enter their details in the signup form and get a success message saying ‘thanks for subscribing look out for your email’ but the email never arrives. Nor do they get told they have already subscribed. Would be a pretty annoyed customer and would waste time with customer service teams about the fact they didn’t get their signup email.

There must be a way to do a different success message, or a different welcome email to a “re-subscriber” ??? I have imported 10,000 profiles from Mailchimp - I’m assuming Klaviyo would not have cookied those 10,000 so they will get the sign up popup and some will subscribe again.

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Anything new regarding this issue @mg3326 ? Because I have the same problem. I would like to tell my customer, if he subscribes to the popup multiple times, that he is already subscribed to the Newsletter list and will not get a welcome message. But unfortunately this issue hasn’t be solved yet, right? 

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Nope, no solution here.

All I could do was add a message on the success form that says something like “if you’ve previously subscribed you won’t receive the welcome email”

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Hello, I have the same issue! Any new features allowing to solve this problem since this conversation ? Thank you!

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I am very surprised by this very basic functionality. I was using Automizely before and its WAY more intuitive and smarter from a flow perspective. But their HTML email designed sucked, so I moved to Klaviyo as everyone raves about them.


I don’t understand why there isn’t a a flow template created by Klaviyo for “New user discount sign-up”


  • Show pop-up to known “new” customers (anyone who isn't signed in, or cookied to have made an order) - It seems like this is possible? 
  • Verify the email address hasn’t already been used - This is pretty basic, but not possible, why?
  • Success screen with unique discount code + auto added to card - This is possible
  • Email the new user with welcome email and discount code -can't see how this is done? When I try and create a new flow, I cant select email form sign up, not can I add in a discount code (and make sure its the same code) - any ideas how I do this?