How can I cancel my account and prevent being billed again?

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I canceled my account after months of trying to get help and ended up never using it . I requested many times for it to be canceled but I got charged every month for something I never used and had no support. I am willing to keep klavio even in finding out how to cancel I was ignored from day 1 I am willing to keep this account if the money I have paid can be added to begin again on the right foot or send me a refund because I could not use this at all ever . How can I get them to respond to me?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 17 May 2023, 23:30

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Hi there @Christine911


Welcome to the Community! I’m very sorry to hear that this experience has been frustrating for you, happy to help! 


I am able to see that all your inquiries about cancelling were met with responses from our support team. Unfortunately, your confirmation to cancel your account was never affirmed after our team responded to your first inquiry. It is against our Terms of Service to refund out of inactivity and it doesn’t appear you took the steps recommended from a team member to cancel your account to prevent further billing. There are always two ways for user to cancel their account:

  1.  From inside their account by navigating to Settings > Billing > Close account > Cancel all plans.
  2. By submitting a request to support via the ‘account closure’ option.


I can see that you were able to accomplish cancellation this morning after you wrote into the Community. I’m glad this was resolved for you. If you still want to submit a dispute about billing, you can do so here by choosing the ‘Billing Dispute’ dropdown option. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community!


I’ve been trying to close my account too, but when I go through the steps, there’s no Close account option. Everything I’ve tried to get help with this has been taking me in circles.

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Hi @TangledUp


Thanks for sharing your question with us! I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues trying to close your account, happy to help!


I walked through the steps detailed in our help center documentation on how to close your account myself, and found this screen with the ‘Close account’ button in the screenshot below. 


To confirm, you took the following steps and didn’t see this screen? You can also ask us to close your account for you By submitting a request to support via the ‘account closure’ option


Thanks for participating in the Community!


Thanks Taylor. 
There was no button for me to close the account, and when I attempt to submit a ticket, it tells me to log in (which I already am), and sends me back to my dashboard where I have to start all over again.

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Hey @TangledUp,

If you aren’t seeing that button to close the account, this would indicate you aren’t the owner of the account. 

As mentioned in the How to cancel or close your Klaviyo account Help Center article @Taylor Tarpley provided, only the owner of an account can request to fully close an account. 

I would suggest reaching out to the account owner and having them go through the steps highlighted under the Close your account subsection:

To permanently delete your account:

  1. Navigate to Billing.
  2. Follow the steps for paid or free plans: 
    • For paid plans: 
      1. At the top of the page, click Cancel Plan.
      2. Check Close account.
      3. Click Continue
    • For free plans: click Close account
  3. Select the reason(s) you want to cancel, then click Continue.
  4. Export any data you want to keep: 
    • Campaign analytics.
    • Flow analytics.
    • Profiles.
    • Templates.


I am the owner, also listed as admin (our regular email addy and our backup addy). It won’t let me delete the “user” profile, either.

Thank you, I found the problem… operator error.

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Hi @TangledUp


Happy to hear you found the issue! Do you mind sharing so any other user experiencing the same issue can find the solution too? 


Thank you!