custom report challenges - opening in Google sheets/Excel

  • 5 March 2024
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Hi there

I’m running into challenges when I want to examine the flow/campaign reports I’ve downloaded. I don’t know if it’s due to me being a EU citizen (csv file format is not default here and I have to convert) or if I just fail horribly, but I can’t get the data to show (rates in % in particular) how I want it to - e.g. what should be showing as open rate in % is instead being loaded as long gibberish numbers - both in Excel and Google Sheets.

Can anyone help? I’ve searched for help on the general interwebs but to no avail.



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@SteffenDK hey there, thanks for the great question!

Firstly, love your name haha and secondly, always love an Excel question!

This seems like a CSV->XLSX conversion problem.

Can you check out THIS GUIDE on how to prevent this exact issue from happening, and let us know if you were able to solve it? It’s a really simple set of step-by-step instructions.

Happy to chat further!


Hi @StefanUE 

Thanks for the tip!

It kinda works, but I would’ve loved if it could show a % instead of this. I know these translates to e.g. 72,85% etc but it would’ve been nice to have something I could set up quickly when wanting to show performance for management.



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@SteffenDK quick fix for that:

STEP 1: Insert new column somewhere far away from your table (let’s call it column Z)
STEP 2: Type in =G2/1000000... (you’ll see the number in the tool tip moving the decimal point from right to left as you add zeroes) until the decimal point is past the first number (e.g. you’ll see “0.728540...)
STEP 3: Format the new column as percentage and drag down until all the numbers in column G are sorted, then edit your table so it works with the formula.

This will show the open rates as a percentage. Note that the formula will only work as long as you have the same number of integers in your main G number. If there are more, or fewer, you need to add or subtract the number of zeroes in your formula to match the percentage you require.

Not the most elegant solution but it will help you display what you need to show.


@StefanUE who knew you could find an Excel Wizard on the Klaviyo community forums!

Thanks for the help!


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