How can I create a link to unsubscribe to my newsletter?

  • 28 April 2023
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I have just created my first newsletter. The default link to unsubscribe the newsletter does not work. How can I create a link? 
Thanks. Br, Birgitte 


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Hey @Birgitte Frost Mathiesen 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post!

You can absolutely set up an unsubscribe link in your email templates. The Help Center article on how to add an unsubscribe link to your emails will walk you through how to do it!

Hope this helos!

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Hey @Birgitte Frost Mathiesen ,

If the default unsubscribe link in your Klaviyo newsletter is not working, you can create a new unsubscribe link using Klaviyo's Merge Tags.

Here's how to create a custom unsubscribe link in Klaviyo:

  1. In your Klaviyo account, go to the "Lists & Segments" page and select the list that you sent the newsletter to.

  2. Click on the "Settings" tab and select "List Settings".

  3. Under "List Settings", select "Subscription Preferences".

  4. Scroll down to the "Unsubscribe Page" section and copy the URL listed under "Unsubscribe URL".

  5. Go back to your newsletter and replace the default unsubscribe link with the merge tag "{{ unsubscribe_link }}".

  6. Highlight the merge tag and click the "Hyperlink" button in the formatting toolbar.

  7. In the hyperlink window, paste the unsubscribe URL that you copied from the "Subscription Preferences" page and click "Insert".

This will create a custom unsubscribe link in your newsletter that should work correctly. Make sure to test the link before sending your newsletter to your subscribers.

Note: Klaviyo's default unsubscribe link includes a unique identifier for each subscriber, which helps to ensure that the correct email address is removed from your list when the link is clicked. When creating a custom unsubscribe link, it is important to include this unique identifier in the URL so that unsubscribes are properly tracked in Klaviyo. The merge tag "{{ unsubscribe_link }}" automatically includes this unique identifier in the URL.  


If the problem persist or you are not able to fix it, I’m a dm away ,I will be glad to help :