how to step up First time customer of a certain product after fulfillment flow

  • 17 November 2023
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Hello everyone. I am stuck. I found templates of how to create flows for certain products and I found the flow of first time customers. but i am not sure how to combine those two things to create a flow that we need.  i need a flow that is for first time customers that purchase a certain porduct where an email is triggered to send to them after fullfilment.  and then they would leave the flow after the email. 


help please 



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Hi @bhumphr6 !

 To create a flow for first-time customers purchasing a specific product, follow these steps in Klaviyo:


1. Build a 'First-Time Customer' Flow:

   - Use the 'First Time Customer' template as your starting point.

   - Customize it by adding conditions to target customers who purchase the specific product you're focusing on.


2. Add a Post-Purchase Trigger:

   - Insert a 'Post-Purchase' trigger in the flow.

   - Set conditions to ensure it only triggers for first-time customers of the targeted product.


3. Email After Fulfillment:

   - Add an email action after the 'Post-Purchase' trigger.

   - Customize the email content to suit your post-fulfillment communication.


4. Exit the Flow:

   - Use a 'Flow Control' to exit customers from the flow after they receive the email.


Remember to test the flow to ensure it works seamlessly. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask! 🚀"