Is there a way to move a profile from one list to another within a flow?

  • 31 March 2024
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Hi there,

I am migrating my emails from Brevo to Klaviyo and I wanted to know if there was a feature to add a profile to another list automatically in a flow?

I could do it in their automatic flow, so I wanted to see if it can also be done here? I have made segments for the main list, however, it doesn’t look like I can add forms that link/add specific properties/segments (unless I missed something while reading the tutorials?)

Thanks in advance for the help!



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Ok it is very long-winded, but I think I have found a workaround to this! I thought I’d post it in case someone else was thinking to arrange the same set-up as below:

  1. In the forms section, when you click the button to submit the form, it will give you an option to add properties. This is what I used to trigger the segment flows I’ve set up.
  2. In your custom properties section on the profile, add “property” that will trigger the flow and link to the form above.
  3. In the flow section, use the “segments” trigger, and in the filters add “properties about someone” > “property” then your “condition e.g. =” and the key word you need for the flow to trigger.

This has now allowed me to trigger multiple forms/lead gens for different digital products and then lead to a welcome email once that sequence has been completed. I wanted to give them what they wanted and then circle them into the tribe with my newsletter content.

Hope it helps!