Order Confirmation - Import items purchased into dynamic table

  • 22 February 2022
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Am using Shopify integrated with Klaviyo and I’m currently creating my order confirmation email. I want to include an image, number of items purchased and price within a dynamic table within the email.


However when I create the dynamic table and try to select those options, I have no information to select from:



Please would someone be able to help me resolve this issue? I’ve had enough of working through the helpful (but lengthy!) Klaviyo videos in trying to fix the issue.


I want it to look like this: 






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4 replies

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This is probably a dumb question, but have you selected “placed order” as the trigger so that it knows to pull in the order information?

And this is probably an even dumber question, but do you have existing orders that it can pull from?

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Hi David, 

Thanks for your quick response. No question is a dumb question!

No I have not selected placed order as a trigger… where abouts would I find that checkbox?



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So, you’re trying to build this email directly in the email template builder? If so, I suggest building it in a Flow, and then saving that email as a template. That way you’ll be able to pull the dynamic data you need for building the table.

Go to “Flows” and click on “Create Flow.”


From there, choose anything that says “Customer Thank You” in the title.


You’ll see the trigger is “Placed Order”.


From there, click into either of those emails. You can start to make any edits and changes you want to make and build it exactly you were trying to build your original template.

Also while you’re in there, you can “Preview” the email and pull the dynamic information you need to build your table.


Once you’re done beautifying the email, go back out to the email setup screen, click the dropdown arrow, and save the email as a template.


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Hi David,

My mistake, I was building it after the ‘order placed’ trigger but had removed most of the original content by accident as started building this email a while ago and have just picked it back up.

I will start over and just move my design bits over.

thanks so much for your help :)