Syncing email subscribers with Shopify

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I have a Klaviyo newsletter sign up form in the footer of a Shopify store and customers receive a welcome discount code. This all works relatively well.

My question is, is it possible to update the ‘Email Subscription’ status to ‘Subscribed’ in Shopify from Klaviyo?

One of the conditions on the discount code in Shopify is ‘for email subscribers’ so unless that status is getting updated the code will not work for them.


The help section seems to say this can be updted, but maybe I’m reading it wrong.


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Hey @Mankcaj 

Congrats on your first post here in the community! Happy to help!

Thankfully this syncing fields like subscription status from Klaviyo to Shopify is fairly straight forward. You’ll make these changes from your Shopify integration settings page in Klaviyo. You can choose whether to sync updates for either all existing and new Klaviyo profiles, or only for Shopify known profiles. If you choose all profiles, Klaviyo will create new customers in Shopify for all profiles (existing and new) created in Klaviyo. This includes profiles synced from other Klaviyo integrations, or added through list imports, even if they have not interacted with your Shopify store.

What you’ll need to do: 

  1. In Klaviyo, click your account name in the lower left and select Integrations.
  2. Select Enabled Integrations and click on your Shopify integration. 
  3. On your Shopify Integration Settings page, scroll to the section Sync data to Shopify
  4. Check the setting Sync profiles and profile data from Klaviyo to Shopify
  5. Choose whether to sync updates for either all Klaviyo profiles, or only for profiles that already exist in Shopify.

The article I linked at the beginning has more information and details that you will find useful so give it a peek. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply, little new to this side of things.

So if someone only signs up using the Klaviyo newsletter subscription form, I can definitely sync that back to Shopify so that person will appear in Shopify and will show as ‘Subscribed’?

I’ve been able to get the customers into Shopify, but none are currently appearing as Subscribed, the ‘email subscription’ column is just blank.

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Hi @Mankcaj

I just took a deeper look into this because normally this should work, but I learned that as of January 25, 2023 we have temporarily disabled the syncing of email subscription status to Shopify when the “sync data from Klaviyo to Shopify” setting due to a bug. When this changes I will be sure to update this thread. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 



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Is there any udpate on this situation?

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Hey @Mankcaj 

Thank you so much for your patience. Our engineers are still working on a fix for this bug. I unfortunately don’t have an expected time frame when this will be resolved for all of our members. However I will make sure you are notified as soon as this issue has been solved! Thank you for following up on this, and thank you for being part of the Community!

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Hi again, Sorry to keep asking, but just wondered if there was any update on this one yet?



That’s strange, I don’t recall getting any notification from Klaviyo (or Shopify) regarding this? Obviously this feature is critical for ecomm merchants to legally obide by the laws and keep our marketing lists updated with a customers subscription status. Do you think I could be updated once this bug is resolved as well? I would think Klaviyo should have sent a notice to all customers who have the Shopify integration in place no??

Please keep us updated! Thank you!!

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Does anyone have any updates on this yet? Seems to be dragging on and it’s quite important. 


@stephen.trumble @chloe.strange - any news on this front? This is critical to our business so thanks in advance for your response.

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Hi everyone! 


Happy to share that this bug has been fixed! 



Hi all, regarding this, it seems the customer will be created with the subscribe to email, but the problem then is, if you check on the metafields inside the customer profile, the “Accepts Marketing” option is not set to true. 

According to shopify support , both email subscription status and the accepts marketing have to be set to yes/true so you can send a campaign from shopify email. 

Can somesone from Klavyio help us understand how we can import the subscribers from Klavyio as true to “accepts marketing” into shopify? 

Thank you


This is still an issue. The sync from shopify TO klaviyo is NOT importing the subscription status of existing subscribers - only the new once once the integration is established. 

I had to export my subscribed customers to a properly formatted CSV and upload them to klaviyo to get it to update their subscription status correctly.