Why aren't my Facebook Lead Ads syncing to Klaviyo?

  • 18 February 2021
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If you're not seeing your lead ad submissions properly sync to a list in your Klaviyo account, use the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Double check that you have connected a list in Klaviyo to a lead ad form. You can do this by clicking into the list and checking the list's Settings tab. Ensure that the form submissions you're seeing in Facebook were made to the lead ad form after the form was connected to your Klaviyo list.

  • Check that you have Leads Access permissions in Facebook Business. Navigate to Business Settings > Integrations > Leads Access and click on your page. Under "People" you should check to make sure that the personal Facebook account you used to integrate your Business account with Klaviyo is listed. If it's listed, that means you (and thus Klaviyo) have access to the leads for your page. If not, click Assign People and add your account.


  • You can also check to make sure that you have Ad Accounts permissions in Facebook Business. Navigate to Business Settings > Accounts > Ad Accounts and click on your page. Under "People", click on your account name (the name of the personal account you used to integrate your Facebook Business account with Klaviyo) and make sure that Manage Campaigns is toggled on for that account. If it isn't, toggle it on and click Save. Having Manage Campaigns toggled on means that you, and thus Klaviyo, have permission to manage your page's campaigns.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can also try removing and re-adding your Facebook integration, which can be necessary after updating permissions in order for the integration to function correctly. 

4 replies

@Jessie Sigler

Thank you for these details. These are essential, and I’ve not seen them in any of the documentation.

They have helped me identify but not resolve my problem.

From list settings, I’ve got this error message, but no links/tips for resolving it. 

What does this message mean? Is “the user” me or could it be someone else with access to the account?

I have successfully used the FB lead gen integration many times in the past, but I cannot get my latest form to connect and send info to Klavyio.

I have checked inside business manager re permissions you outlined here. I already had all those permissions, but I added another team member in case she was the one who authorized the FB → Klaviyo integration the last time it was done. That’s one thing I’m unsure about. Does the integration rely on the individual Klaviyo user who last set it up? Or does it rely on whoever is currently logged into the Klaviyo account and making the connection? Of course, we have a team of multiple people using the account, so I’m not sure if maybe another team member set up the integration last and that’s why I can’t seem to get it connected again.

I’m testing my form, successfully adding a lead, but it never gets over to Klaviyo. Have done it multiple times, waited multiple hours (because I know it can take up to one hour). Have disconnected and reconnected the integration about three times.

response from help chat 10/26/2022

These errors can occur if the user who integrated with Klaviyo did not have the correct permissions upon setting up the integration. The Facebook integration is very sensitive with permissions. This 403 error highlights that there are missing permissions. The person integrating with Facebook must be an admin on the Facebook Business page, Facebook Ad page, have admin permission everywhere, and have accepted Facebook's Terms of Service. In order for this to work, these permissions and Terms of Service must be completed before integrating. Errors can occur if the user who integrated with Klaviyo did not have the correct permissions upon setting up the integration.

We can try and resolve the error that you are experiencing by resetting the integration. I apologize as this may seem repetitive, but we want to ensure that the permissions are set up accordingly. Please note, you will need to set up your custom audiences and lead ads again once the integration is complete. We recommend taking a screenshot of the current settings in order to recreate them once you re-integrate. 

Please follow the steps below:
1. Log into your Klaviyo account and visit your Facebook integrations page: https://www.klaviyo.com/integration/facebook#
2. In the top right of the screen, remove (not disable) the integration. 
3. Log out of Klaviyo.

4. In your web browser, clear your cache and cookies. This will allow us to create a fresh connection under your Facebook page (which should have the correct permissions).
5. Log into your Facebook page. Please ensure that the Facebook account which you are signed into has ADMIN permissions so that you can manage lead ads and custom audiences: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/155909647811305?id=829106167281625
6. Once you confirmed that you have the correct permissions, log back into Klaviyo and re-integrate with Facebook according to our guide "How to Integrate with Facebook Advertising" https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005082127-How-to-Integrate-with-Facebook-Advertising See below for some important tips when setting up the integration again.

When re-adding the integration, you will get routed to Facebook if you are currently signed into Facebook. **Instead of "Continue as", you will select "Edit Settings". If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you will need to make sure this step is done.*** The next option will show all the pages you are associated with. From there, you select the page in question. If it does not show up at this step, make sure you are listed as an admin. Don't forget to enable all permissions for the Facebook page!


I’ve done this all and it doesn’t work. Don’t see any options to connect our lead ads.

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Hi @Joeld!


If you’ve followed all of the aforementioned steps and still can’t sync your leads, it may be useful to reach out to Facebook’s Support as there are some processes on their side that can affect the data that is available to Klaviyo.


For example, are you by chance using Lookalike Audiences in Facebook? Klaviyo’s integration can be used to sync custom audiences fairly easily, but lookalike audiences are duplicated entirely within facebook and can not be easily troubleshooted from Klaviyo’s side.