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  • 18 March 2024
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Klaviyo Email AI
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Do you often come up with fantastic new email design ideas, but find yourself unsure of how to bring it to life?

Klaviyo’s Email AI tool allows you to describe the content you want and creates complete section layouts that include images, text blocks, buttons, and compelling copy that is ready to be edited and finalized by you. 

A couple important things to note before we continue: first, this tool is available for only paid Klaviyo accounts. Additionally, although this assistant creates email sections for you, you are still responsible for the final content.

To use this tool, first create a template in the drag and drop editor. 

Next, select an existing section or add a new section.

Hovering over the section block, you’ll notice the new “sparkle” icon where the clone/delete buttons are located. 


In the “Describe the section” text input, you can add a description of what you want the tool to build and specify what types of drag/drop blocks you’d like included or what copy to add. 


For example, you can type “Create a sale reminder for a Spring Sale beginning March 1st. Include alternating columns of image, text, and buttons.” 

The tool will then generate three drafts of your description, you can use the arrows to toggle between these options.

Additionally, you can generate more drafts of your existing prompt or update the description and generate additional options. 

Finally, once you find the ideal content for their section, you can insert the draft and edit the section as needed, say add an image or links to buttons. 


And just like that, you created a section layout with the help of AI! 


Helpful tip: some other possible AI text prompts could include;

  •  “Make me a header advertising a new product, including a text block with first name personalization.”
  • “Create a footer section with social links block and a text block with an unsubscribe tag. add horizontal rule and image blocks.” 
  • “Create body content with 3 columns of images, text, and buttons.”

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