How do I put existing clients into a new list/segment?

  • 10 February 2022
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Hello Everyone,

I have a question that seems to not be answered yet. lol

I make some sales on my Shopify store manually. The clients call me and say what they want. I generate an invoice and send to them to pay. In this process, I’m the one that is putting their information on the system. I add their email and address as they asked. I started to notice that none of these contacts are going to a segment or list. Automatically they do not receive any flows or campaigns. 

How can I add/move them to an existing list?

In a normal contact I see Metrics>List&Segments>Contract>Channels>Information

On those contacts I see Metrics>Contact>Channels>Information 

It is missing the list and segments.

Another this is, for clients that I want to separate by gender and by sales status, ie. wholesale, making a list would work better right?! 


Thank you and have a blessed day,



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Hi @friendsupstudio,

Thank you for walking through your process and question. 

First, do you have the Klaviyo <> Shopify Integration? It seems based on your process you do because contacts you add to Shopify sound like they are also being added to Klaviyo, just not to any specific list.

Now, if you do have the Klaviyo <> Shopify integration I would recommend checking the settings for the integration.

From the left-hand navigation in Klaviyo, go to Settings > Shopify - View Settings

Within the settings of the integration, under Collect Subscribers you can set a list to collect users who opt-in via Shopify. I am pretty sure even if you are manually creating contacts in Shopify, they would be added to Klaviyo via this integration. You can specify a Klaviyo list you want those contacts to be added to through the integration. 

If adding contacts manually to Klaviyo works better for your workflow, you’ll first want to create a specific list where you want to add contacts to. You can create a master list that you add all contacts to or separate lists depending on different flows you may want to trigger messages from. 

From the left-hand navigation in Klaviyo, go to Lists & Segments > Create List / Segment (Blue button in the upper right corner).

You’ll want to create a List when manually importing contacts for a third party tool. You would use segments to filter your existing subscriber data into sub-groups.

If you’re creating a list from scratch, once you name the new list, you’ll then be able to upload contacts via a CSV. You’ll also find at the top of the list a menu which includes:

  • Number of subscribers on that list
  • Settings for the list
  • Signup forms associated to the list
  • Subscriber & Preference Pages associated to the list
  • Quick Add
  • Reports

The Quick Add option is best for adding new contacts one at a time. But, I’d recommend created a spreadsheet so you can upload multiple contacts - maybe once a day - to your list. Using the spreadsheet also makes it super easy to add new custom profile properties (ie. Gender or Sales Status, etc.) where you can add custom data about your customers and then use for segmentation later.

Once you have a list created and you’re adding customers to it, you can set up a flow based on a list-trigger so that every time you add new users to that list, they will be automatically triggered into that flow.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

@In the Inbox 


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Thank you very much @In the Inbox  for your input and answer here. First, I’m new with Klaviyo and a visual learner. Is there any video that I could watch for creating a list from scratch that you would recommend?

The point is, when I sell on my website and add the person manually ( they did not buy through the website, pick the product and so on. I add them and send an invoice) I see them at my Klaviyo platform interface. But they, somehow, was not added to a specific segment like all subscribers on Shopify or recent buyers. Does it make sense what I’m saying?

With that being said, I do not mind, for now, doing manually because it is less than 5 people and so far I have a total of 16 subscribers. So it is doable. :D

I’ll try the create from scratch and do the Quick Add option.


Thank you,

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Hi Marcella, 

No problem, I am a visual learner as well. I don’t have a good way to share a video, so I took some screen shots of the process for setting up a new list in Klaviyo.

  1. Navigate to the List & Segment Section using the left-hand navigation
  1. Click on Create List / Segment Button in the upper right corner
  1. Select “LIST” from the two options
  1. Name your List and then click the “Create List” Button
  1. Next, you can choose to upload a csv of contacts OR click on the “Quick Add” option to manually add new customers one at a time.

If you choose “Quick Add” you’ll be able to add in the details on the screen shown below.

  1. After creating the list if you want to add new customers in the future - starting from the main dashboard in your account, you’ll again click on the “List & Segments” menu item
  1. Then, click on the list name of the list you created where you want to add new customers


  1. Then, you’ll be able to use the “Quick Add” option to add them to your list.

I hope this helps! Thanks!

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Awesome!!! Thank you, @In the Inbox . I’ll try that.