One list, multiple segments, multiple unsubscribe options

  • 8 March 2023
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We were about to enable our activation funnel for our service, but we realized if someone unsubscribes from one email it will take them out of everything. Uh oh...

We want it so if a user in the activation funnel unsubscribes from let’s say onboarding emails, it won’t unsubscribe them from our overall marketing communication. 

We previously used Sendgrid which allowed us to have multiple unsubscribe choices so a user could unsubscribe from a single type of email without losing access to everything else they deem relevant (all within the same unsubscribe link).

Please let us know how we can do this.

2 replies

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Hi @TheCarpoolKing,

Thanks for sharing this question with us. 

From the Klaviyo homepage, click in the bottom left on your profile picture then account > settings > email, you’ll see Consent Settings.
If you uncheck that box and ONLY send to the corresponding lists (and uncheck the global unsubscribe option in those lists as well - this can be found under the list > settings under Unsubscribes), the {% unsubscribe %} or {% unsubscribe_link %} you use in your emails for this list will only unsubscribe users from that particular list, and not globally.

You can then use the "global unsubscribe page" (from the first screenshot) if you also wish to provide a global unsubscribe option.

Keep in mind, list unsubscribes are still treated as unsubscribes in segments and flow filters. If you have segments or flow filters that say "is not suppressed" these customers will be treated as suppressed, even if it's only from one list.

I hope that’s helpful.

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@TheCarpoolKing The above solution from Dov works if you’re using different lists for the the different types of emails. 


If all subscriber are on the same list, there are a couple of ways you can accomplish this: 


Giving them the ability to opt-out of a particular series - ex. Onboarding Series

Put a special link in each email of the onboarding series that updates the subscribers profile based on being clicked. 

Ex. No longer want to receive this onboarding emails but want to stay on my list? Click here. 

  • Once they click that link, it will automatically add a profile property that you can use to create an exclusion segment. Ex. Opt-Out Onboarding Emails.
  • Then you exclude that segment from the onboarding emails flow. 
  • You’ll also want to create a landing page on your site to confirm their opt-out and so there is a destination when they click the link. 

You can learn how to create those types of links in Klaviyo here.


With a manage preference center

Create a manage preference center where subscribers can choose which emails they want to receive. You can use a checkbox field to so they can choose multiple and all email types will save in a list field.

Then create exclusion segments based on those preferences. 

Ex. Properties about someone > Property Name is set 


Properties about someone > Property Name > does not contains email type

Then exclude the segments that have stated they don’t want this particular email type