Why is hyperlinked text in an abandoned cart email not redirecting people to checkout?

  • 2 December 2020
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You’ve designed a great email for your abandoned cart flow but when you preview the email in Klaviyo, you notice that your CTA button redirects customers to thecheckout page correctly but your hyperlinked text does not. You see the dreaded "This site can't be reached" page in your browser. How do you fix it?


This is most likely happening due to some missing characters in your URL. This happens because Klaviyo populates your website URL in the template using the {{ organization.url }} tag, which pulls directly from the URL you have inserted in your account settings. Sometimes this URL may be missing a / after the .com which can cause the checkout URL to break. 


In the email editor of your abandoned cart flow, you’ll need to add a / to the URL of your hyperlinked text. To edit the URL for hyperlinked text, click into the table block and select Rows > Column 2





From here, double click the hyperlinked {{ item.product.title }} tag. You’ll see a new window appear where you can add in the backslash right after the {{ organization URL }} tag.



If you make this change and are still experiencing issues with redirecting your customers back to the checkout page, reach out to our support team for assistance!

2 replies

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@shoshana.antunes thanks for this article.  I’m having this problem “this site can’t be reached”...but it’s happening because the hyperlinked text in my AC sequence has a typo in the https.

Instead of being “https://” there’s an error and it’s trying to direct clickers to “https//” without the colon...but only on mobile.  

I wrote out all the details here: https://community.klaviyo.com/search/activity/topics?userid=6438.  I’d be super grateful for any ideas.  Obviously BFCM isn’t an ideal time for this sequence to be malfunctioning.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer :)

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Hi @copywriter789 - it looks like already @Taylor Tarpley replied to your other post with a solution!


To echo her thoughts, my first instinct is to check your email template for any mobile-only settings that may have been accidentally applied. This could be what’s causing the issue. You can double check whether your content displays the same across all devices, and make any necessary changes, from the styles tab within the editor


Let us know if this helps. Hope you have a fantastic BFCM! :)