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  • 12 June 2024
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I was at first pleased with the new editing function where you edit text directly onto the template - and overall think it’s a step forwards. However it is so glitchy. Sometimes you have to click multiple times in multiple places to either see the text you are writing which is covered by the tool bar - or to try to adjust the size of the text box to fit the text. This is particularly noticeable when moving from desktop to mobile formats. Why can’t the tool bar stay in one place - fixed at the top, for example? Even if it moved downwards on long pieces of text - it shouldn’t cover the actual text you’ve just written as it makes it really difficult to find the cursor or to continue the flow.

I’m often left with inexplicable large spaces at the bottom of a text box that refuse to disappear - double clicking on them sometimes resolves it and sometimes doesn’t. 

In any event, this has slowed down my email content writing by about 30% which is essentially the most annoying thing about it. 

I hope that it improves over time and some of these quirks are made more user friendly. Does anyone agree?


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Hi @MaryD,


Thanks for sharing your feedback on this new update! 


I’m going to follow up with our templates team on this feedback to see if this is behavior we’re aware of or not. Either way this experience is getting logged, thanks for sharing this with the team and bearing with us as we keep making the product better!