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  • 31 January 2023
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Hi guys, 

I want to create a dashboard for my CEO.

I can produce the right cards to show flow and form performance but I also want a card that will show the names and phone numbers of people who have subscribed to our segment ‘please call me’ in the last week.

I can get a count of these people but can’t get their names to show up on a card.

Is this even possible?


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Hello @Gixerstu,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Glad to hear that the dashboard is working well for you in pulling in your flows and signup form performance. Although the dashboard is a very powerful tool that helps pull in data from a number of different source, pulling in and displaying profile specific data wouldn’t be supported. 

This would be best handled through a list or segment, depending on how you’re capturing these customers. 

Alternatively, you can also see if there are third-party tools or CRM softwares that can potentially assist in this. Feel free to checkout our Klaviyo Tech Partner Directory, which lists a number of tools whose developer has created an integration to connect to Klaviyo. 

If you have a developer available, you can also explore exporting the data from Klaviyo to build your own dashboard that could include the information you’re interested in. You can find resources on this from our Developer Guide and Documents.

I hope this helps!


Thanks David,

Yes, all of the people’s profiles are already going into a segment which is lovely but it doesn’t get me around the dashboard issue.

If Klaviyo really is to be a useful tool then powerful reporting is a must but I have to say that presenting a filtered list of profiles on a dashboard is pretty basic.


I have solved this by using Zapier to populate an asana board which will do for now but for something so simple it is a poor show to be recommending customers use something else.