Yahoo and Gmail requiremens for accounts with less than 5k contacts

  • 15 March 2024
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I have an account with less than 5k emails, so as I understand that would not be considered bulk sending in terms of the new Gmail and Yahoo requirements this 2024. 

Besides not impersonating a Gmail address and keeping spam rates low (which I already do) is not entirely clear whether I should do something else. 

Do I need to set up an SPF, DKIM, DMARC validation, DNS records or something along the lines?

I use by the way a shared IP address from Klaviyo. 


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2 replies

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Welcome to the community @Ana C 

It’s best practice to align with the new requirements, even with smaller send requirements, and to continue what you’re already doing by maintaining high enagement rates (not just low spam rates)

However, you should set up SPF, DKIM to maximise deliverability and DMARC for reporting. SPF and DKIM for Klaviyo will be set up when you when you add/validate a branded sending domain here: by adding records to your DNS. DMARC is something that must be done outside of Klaviyo. More info on that here:

Hope that helps


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Jumping in to share a bit more context here on why (even if you don’t think you’re a bulk sender) you should align with the new requirements anyway and all the resources Klaviyo provides to help you do so: