adding past profiles to flow with dynamic codes not working...

  • 1 October 2023
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I’ve set up some flows that I currently have the emails in the flow set as manual so when we go live with this offer we can send to all on the first email - I’ve gone to add past profiles to these flows to have them ready to go for launch however i’m getting an error from Klaviyo saying the flow has Dynamic codes in the flow & to remove them or it won’t work - however I thought dynamic codes could be used in flows just fine?? Or do the emails need to be live for these to be able to work? 

Thanks for any help :)


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Hey there @y-f!

Currently, if you have dynamic codes in a flow - that back-population feature won’t allow you to pull contacts in that way.

But I have a little hack for this. A little extra work but is a work-around. I’ll remove the dynamic codes from the flow, set the entire flow to Manual, then back populate, then re-add the dynamic code snippet into the messages and then set it live. 

You’ll then have people in the spots they should be and codes ready to be created when messages are sent.

The downside to this is that if you have a message that is like - Code expires in two days BUT they just got that message from being back-populated. Their expiration time won’t align with what your email is saying since the code is created the moment the email is first sent. So as long as that isn’t an issue, this can be a solution.

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@Spark Bridge Digital LLC Love this little work-around! Thank you for sharing.


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