Conditional Split Configuration based on Two Conditions [Example +Did I do this correctly?]

  • 21 November 2020
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Hey all,

Happy Friday (when I am writing this post)!

I have set up this flow in my Klaviyo account in order to automate a month-long Email Marketing sequence for customers who placed their First Order.

This image shows my thought process. However, I am starting to believe that maybe I did not set this up the right way because for the 3.4% of people who take me up on my offer, it should’ve been a “Yes” no? Instead I have a 100% “No” 

My worry: if customers who placed the order from Email #1 -- rather than getting a Thank You email (Email #10) after -- are still being sent to Day 2 (Email #2) where they are being advertised on the same promotion as Email #1, wouldn’t that affect their LTV? 

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, maybe the first condition is not right? Any insight on this guys?

Thanks for reading and giving me your time :)



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5 replies

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Hi Djedjy, 

3 things I noticed. 


First, it sounds like you don’t want the subscriber to proceed if they placed an order after email 1.  If that’s the case, you can remove the condition if they clicked the email AND bought that product. You’ll be okay with just having the “Placed order since starting this flow” filter.


The second this is to add a time delay after Email #1 and before the condition split.  Right now, the time they get from email 1 to place an order and go through the condition is 0 min.  


Third, it looks like you have smart sending turned ON and this is a welcome series.  If you want ALL subscribers to receive these emails, turn OFF the smart sending on these emails. 


Hope that helps!

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@Manny Singh Hi Manny,

You’re saying that I do not need to have the filter of “if they clicked on the email” as if they placed an order since entering the flow it means that they have had to click on the email, to begin with. Thank you! I will adjust that.

I was not aware that I had to add a time delay before and after the condition split. That said, now that you’ve mentioned it, it makes common sense to me, haha. Thanks for the reply and the insight! :)

It helped a great deal

Happy Saturday!

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Happy to help, let me know how it goes after you get some more data on the flow! 

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As for troubleshooting.. open up the profiles that matched the no path and check why they might have failed it.

Also why not having 2 separate flows, one for thank you after a placed order event to help with the thank you.

As for the condition you're setting up as @Manny Singh mentioned having a filter on the flow placed order zero times since starting this flow should kick them out of the flow.

If you keep one flow then if you use clicked email with url that means they have to have taken that action, you could also have that condition be opened email with subject or name where name equals email#1 in this case (maybe set it something unique just in case).

Also the main reason everyone is going to the no part of that condition is indeed as @Manny Singh mentioned after email#1 is sent there's not time for them to take those actions so that condition equals false.

Hope it helps

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Thank you guys for the input! I have just made the changes and I will update back as more data becomes available.

@Omar the reason I thought about keeping everything here, is because this flow will eventually become a 60-days long, automated Flow for each customer-created from the day they place their first order. 

I wanted to be able to see where the drop-offs are, where I can adjust the offer according to what works and what doesn’t. 

I’m confident now that the flow will work according to plan after making the changes. 

Thanks again, I hope to be the one to provide value to the Klaviyo community in the future with my discoveries, and testings.