Changing default Heading and Paragraph Styles

  • 27 April 2022
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Is there is a way to edit the default parameters that appear in a text box for the “Format” dropdown?

I use Klaviyo for a few clients and I am getting really exhausted with having to constantly edit source code to do what I want. I know I can save certain block styles and load those in as needed but this doesn’t work for every possible scenario. I would just like to replace the “Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2” formats with my own branding. I also thought when I choose a new font for my brand that this would at least override the gaudy default font but it doesn’t. More importantly I’d also like to be able to set my own line-heights, spacing, text-transformation, etc for each format. All the default format settings are generic WISYWIG horrors.

Really hoping I’m just overlooking an easy solution here so I don’t have to work so hard to design a basic branded email.



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Hey @nickyg - are you still on the classic editor?

If so, the only way I know is to create a “hidden” text block where you can set the styles with your own custom font and other settings via simple CSS lcode ike this (example uses a Google Font):

<style type="text/css">
@import url('INSERT_FONT_URL');
p, h1, h2, h3, h4, ol, li, ul { font-family: 'INSERT_FONT_NAME', 'INSERT_A_FALLBACK_FONT'; }

This should override the general “Styles” of the template (add this as the very first text block).

If you’re using the shiny “New Editor” - I believe you can set your styles and custom fonts and other settings in the new default Style Settings (now with line spacing!).

Regardless of which method, setting the general (default) Styles should change all unformatted text in the template according to their format (p, h1, h2, h3, h4). 

Remember to check your Text Blocks to make sure there aren’t any inline styles (or Block Styles) that might override the defaults.

Not sure if this is what you were looking for, so let us know!

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Not sure if this is what you were looking for, so let us know!


That definitely answered it. I had NO idea there was a new template editor which looks to achieve what I’m looking for and then some.