How can I export coupons and see what coupons came from which flow?

  • 3 June 2023
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Hi, I have a store where a customer can add a specific product (X and Y in this example) to their checkout cart and complete their purchase. They will then need to enter a product-specific flow and receive a dynamic code generated by Klaviyo, which they can redeem at a participating merchant (restaurant/massage therapist etc). 

I need to export these codes for each merchant. 


For example: 
Sally orders product X on my online store. She then enters a product-specific flow that generates a dynamic code that she receives in her inbox. She takes this code to her local hairdresser, who is a participating merchant. Sally receives 10% off her bill at the hairdresser.


Fred orders product Y on my online store. He then enters a product-specific flow for product Y which also generates a dynamic code. He takes this code to his local butcher (a participating merchant) and also receives 10% off his bill.


Can I export these dynamic codes from Klaviyo - and see which codes were generated for each flow?



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Hi there @Paul_89


Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your question with us! 


You can definitely export dynamic coupons in Klaviyo. I’d recommend following this helpful documentation to set this up! From there you can create a Coupon report and see the following information:

  • Customer email
  • Klaviyo profile ID
  • Klaviyo coupon ID
  • Coupon name
  • Sent date
  • Expiration date
  • Code expiration status
  • Code definition


I can understand that you would want to see what coupon came from which flow if you have similar, yet specific product specific flows. Unfortunately, the only way to see what code was generated for what flow would be to manually go into customer profiles and see which flow message a customer received and what flow it came from. If you’re interested in creating a more automated export, you could either use conditional splits in one flow instead of having multiple flows or create another coupon for your product specific flows that you can more easily track. However, I understand that this isn’t an easy process and will definitely voice your feedback as a feature request! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!