I am having issue moving designed emails to Klaviyo

  • 24 November 2021
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hile Klaviyo's email builder is very okay, I have come to find some specialized email building tools that focuses majorly on email designing and I have been using these tools (mainly stripo and BeePro) to design my emails and I have had some beautiful email templates created. 


However, I noticed that when I moved my templates over to Klaviyo, they were only rendered in HTML and can only be edited in HTML. I don't have no knowledge of HTML so this has been a very big issue for me.

Although, for me, I could have said this is still fine as I can just completely design my email using these tools and just simply move them over to Klaviyo for sending but then, I am a freelancer and I only work mainly with Klaviyo.

I can't design templates that will require my clients to be editing it's html codes if they want to reuse it and not all of them will have stripo or BeePro account where I could design the templates and save it there for them to be editing and exporting to Klaviyo when they need. 


What can I do? How can I design emails outside of klaviyo and still move it over to Klaviyo with it still being completely editable? 

P.S. I have tried creating these complex designs with Klaviyo builder but it's just been hard and I find the third-party builders much easier to use.


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Hi @Favewriter - I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to check out the new Klaviyo Editor, but it may support more features and functionalities that you couldn’t do in the legacy editor.

As for using third party editors and importing them as HTML, Klaviyo supports a methods where it can be user editable with Drag and Drop Support by adding special tags around sections of your HTML, but it’s not going to have the full capabilities.  For example, you can build it in a way where you can swap out images, or change the text.  However, you can’t start in a third party editor, import the HTML, and then make it completely editable within Klaviyo.  I imagine the underlying code is completely different so it’s going to have some expected incompatibilities.  

Here’s some documentation on making editable HTML:

Import a Custom HTML Template with Drag and Drop Support

Hope this helps!