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  • 17 November 2021
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Are there any plans to allow importing HTML templates so we can use them in the new editor? Functionality such as the sections feature would be amazing!


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3 replies

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Hi @sean.porter,

First, welcome to the Community!

We hope you are as excited about our new Email Template Editor as we are!

Several new features are available, such as the ability to preview event data directly in your template, as well as the ability to layer text over images. Please refer to our Guide to the New Template Editor for more information on how to use these features. 

That said, at this time there are still some features that are in continued development, such as: 

  • Custom Fonts - the ability to use custom fonts in the new Template Editor is not yet available, but we're working on it! Custom fonts will be available to implement later this year. If you prefer to use custom fonts in your email, then you will need to continue using the Classic Template editor until this feature is available. 

  • Universal Saved Content - this will also be available later this year! Universal saved content will allow you to add a saved block to multiple messages, then edit the saved block after the fact, and see those edits reflected across all messages where the block exists.

  • Converting Templates from the Old Editor to the New Editor - this is expected to roll out after the holidays. We know how eager you are to fully transition everything over to the new editor interface, so we are working hard to make this available for all of your Email Templates as soon as possible. 

At the moment, we also have some documentation referring to how to import a custom HTML template and how to use sections in email templates that I think you might find helpful!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the new editor, please share them with our product team


All the best,


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Thanks for getting back to me Alex, I’ll park my current project until importing custom HTML is possible in the new editor.

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Hey @sean.porter,

No problem glad I could be of assistance! Keep us updated on how your project goes once the features you need are available! Or let us know if you found a workaround in the meantime.


Have a good day,