What is the best way to create a high resolution gif?

  • 27 October 2021
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Hi everyone :wave:

I’m curious, what are some tips or best practices for creating high res gifs?

I have created a few, and the final artwork is of potato quality. However, I see other brands put out some nice crispy clean gifs in email and can’t figure out how to replicate the quality. 

To anyone putting out high res gifs in email, what are your secrets??


4 replies

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Hi @stephanieavocado


Thanks for sharing your question with us regarding gifs!


For GIF best practices, we recommend keeping the file size of your GIFs under 600 KB for optimal display. If you’re experiencing grainy or blurry images, we suggest the following: 

  • Compressing your GIF
  • Hosting the image on your site instead of uploading it into the Klaviyo Library.


While Klaviyo cannot ultimately help with resolution of your GIFS, we would encourage you to consider working with an image editor, such as Photoshop, to produce higher-resolution gifs. Additionally, these other help articles might be helpful in your journey to product crisp, engaging images for your customers to enjoy:


Would love to hear from the Community as well in regard to GIF best practices from other users! Thanks for participating in the Community!



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Thanks Taylor, I’ll take a look at these! 

When I upload a GIF as an image in a Klaviyo email, it uploads as a very small gif tile. How do I get the gif to look a lot larger and expand full width like I can do with images?

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Hi @NULASTINRetention


Thanks for your question, do you mind sharing a bit more info here? For instance, are you viewing your GIF in your template editor or in an inbox when you realize it’s very small? Was it originally small when you created the gif or are you wanted it to increase beyond it’s original size? 


Animated GIFs will work in emails as long as they are less than 5MB in size. But as mentioned above, we recommend keeping the file size of your GIFs under 600 KB for optimal display.