Why is the 'edit image' feature gone from the template editor?

  • 11 August 2023
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I’m wondering why the Klaviyo team has decided to remove the edit image feature from the template editor? 

 I relied heavily on that feature to edit images down to a lower file size and add rounded corners — my whole process revolved around this feature and it’s disrupted the whole end of week for my output.

Have you done this to cut down on the server space required to resize & edit images? 

I just can’t see the value in removing every edit option except for “Crop”. 


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12 replies

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Hi @ottisb


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


As our cropping in-tempalte feature has recently been released, we are eager to hear feedback and thoughts from our customers! I will share this feedback with our template team and follow up when I have an update.


Thank you for participating in the Community and communicating your feedback! 


This is just the worse DOWNGRADE of a feature, how should i be able to resize a image using the CROP function!!

We need the editor back, ASAP.

This is TERRIBLE - why on earth would Klaviyo do that?

I rely heavily on this function and will definitely think about moving elsewhere if this change is to stay.

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As our cropping in-tempalte feature has recently been released, we are eager to hear feedback and thoughts from our customers! I will share this feedback with our template team and follow up when I have an update.

They haven’t released a new feature, they’ve overwritten the old “Edit photo” feature (that worked fine by the way and had a cropping feature already) with just the one Crop tool. 

The full photo editing ‘suite’ — if I can really call it that — was quite basic but worked — needs to be brought back ASAP to preserve Klaviyo marketer’s email creation processes. 

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Just an update: seems you’ve now added an ‘image size’ input into the image details, but it still doesn’t resize the actual image, just adjusts how large it is within the template. 

This leads me to believe that Klaviyo is trying to save server space desperately and avoiding processing images within the template editor. This is seriously disappointing as now email designers will have to resize images off-platform, adding more friction to the email design process. 

As an already expensive platform compared to competitors, this is just shady, especially as you can’t be honest about it. 

A new day, a new issue -  now my images won’t fill the column despite having no padding and is set to the new auto resize function.

Off to investigate other options before I get into the thick of creating our holiday season content, it’s just not worth the price anymore. Terrible move Klaviyo!


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Hi all!


Thank you for your honest comments about our new crop editor feature and deprecating our edit option in the editor.


We made the difficult decision to deprecate this feature as our path moving forward to optimizing all features of our editors did not include this tool and the maintenance required to continue to host. I can understand the frustration surrounding this as it seems you all used this feature a great deal and deeply apologize for the inconvenience. I will share each and every comment so our team knows the impact of this event.


Thank you for participating in the Community!


I agree with all of the previously-shared sentiments. I used that feature regularly and without it, I will have to spend A LOT more time creating emails. Please bring the functionality back! Doesn’t need to be a full photo editor, but basic functions like resizing the image are crucial.

This is very frustrating to hear. We absolutely relied on the old editor to do quick photo edits in the app instead of having to do them in photoshop and re-import. You are causing a huge headache with this “update”, this is an absolute downgrade. Very disappointed!

If Klavio is looking to reduce costs, we expect to benefit from those savings as well. Since the quality of Klaviyo has declined, we believe it's fair to request a permanent 30% discount. Should this not be feasible, we will terminate our subscription at the end of the month.

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I just need the old edit feature back so that I can just downscale the images for mobile and desktop email versions of my marketing emails!
Why is the Klaviyo product team not listening?