Salesforce sync nature. Salesforce lead data delete impact in klaviyo data

  • 21 June 2021
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Suppose I have created a lead in Salesforce. That individual lead detail is synced/found in Klaviyo. If I delete that Salesforce lead then will the corresponding Klaviyo record will also get deleted? Tried deleting a lead in Salesforce but the corresponding lead detail was still found in Klaviyo. Do Klaviyo sync only the newly created lead and make no changes to the updated and deleted leads? What is the nature of Klaviyo sync?


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7 replies

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Hello @Bipul,

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!

As part of the integration between Salesforce and Klaviyo, deleting a lead from Salesforce would not cause the profile/contact synced to Klaviyo to also be deleted. Therefore the profile remaining within your Klaviyo account despite deleting the lead within Salesforce is expected behavior. 

The lead properties on the other hand would automatically be synced and pushed to Klaviyo. If you had a lead that was synced to Klaviyo and you decided to update some of the properties within Salesforce, those changes to those properties would be synced to Klaviyo automatically. 

I hope this helps!



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Thanks @david for the answer. This really helps. I think Klaviyo should have added this info in their documentation too.

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Hey @Bipul,

Glad that helped clarify some things! I completely understand how confusing this can be and i’ll share your feedback with our Documentation team.

Have a great day!


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Hello! Can anyone in the community help me with an integration between Klaviyo and Salesforce? We are looking to hire someone that is an expert in this integration.



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Hi there @Mariafcurrea,

Thanks for posting your question to the Community! Here is some info regarding Salesforce and our integration.

1) Our pre-built Salesforce integration: This is a one-way sync that brings in lead objects from Salesforce to Klaviyo. The properties we can sync from a lead object can be found here, we can change the the object we sync to a contact object instead as well as add or remove any custom properties on the synced object.

2) Custom API integration: For the most part, our customers that want to bring over Salesforce data other than lead/contact objects or want the sync to be bidirectional, set up their own custom integration using our API documentation. We have a relatively encompassing API when it comes to data sending and retrieving so as long as you have the dev power to assign to this it should be relatively straight forward (and we will be here as you set it up if you have any questions).

3) Intermediate platforms: Some of our customers use services like Zapier and/or Segment which provide more mapped out but less versatile (than API) pre-built solutions for integrating between various apps and softwares.

Unfortunately, the Klaviyo-Salesforce integration is one-way sync. Klaviyo receives information from Salesforce, but we don't send any to them. If you wanted to add the data received on Shopify/Klaviyo into Salesforce, you would need to manually export the data from Klaviyo and upload it into Salesforce. 

Additional docs:

How to Integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
How to Integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
How to Integrate with Salesforce

I would also recommend looking at our Partner Directory or making a post for the job board!

Hope this helped!


Hi @alex.hong,
Thank you for the helpful instructions above. We have recently procured Klaviyo and our keen to get started. We have connected Klaviyo to Salesforce CRM and it is successfully pulling in leads, we wish it to pull in Customer or the contact object instead so we have sent a request to our Customer Success contact as per the instructions.
Have the instructions above changed at all, since this post was written a year a go?
1. Is there anyway that when an object is deleted in salesforce it can be deleted in Klaviyo - or will this process always be manual? e.g. GDPR customer exercises their right to erasure.
2. I can see that the server side metrics may be useful to us, however, unfortunately I can’t find what I need in the API documentation.
Ideally we would like the synch to be bi-directional so when a user unsubscribes in Klaviyo this message goes back into Salesforce contact record as an opt out. Do you have any API documentation on setting this process up if possible?
Thank you
Best regards


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Hi @Jennifer Coffey!


At this time, the functionality in the Salesforce <> Klaviyo integration is the same, and there are no supported ways to have bi-directional profile deletion. 


However, this may be possible with a custom integration, which would depend greatly on how your two platforms are configured. It may be helpful for me to provide some direction if you would be willing to provide a little more detail about what type of objects you’re looking to delete, and in what kind of scenarios.


Also, you’re always welcome to reach out to one of our wonderful Official Partners if you’re looking for more personalized custom development.