Add Dynamic User In Klavio Specific List From Zendesk

  • 31 August 2022
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I am working on a flow, where i have to create integration in Zendesk, Basically there are some customers which we want to retarget again, they are something like on hold lead which can become our potential customers,

The flow is something like, we are taking follow up from Customers through Zendesk ticket, but after 1 followe if they are not responding, we need to make an automation, where we will target that specific customers, And through that specific automation, i want to fire event so we can move that hold lead customer to Klavio List name  “Future Lead”, 

So we can remarket again with some good offer,

So in this scenarion, i am looking How i can able to move customer details from zendesk to Klavio, to Speific “Future Lead List”, Please Tell me if there is any scenario, 

Currently its only showing the method to upload CSV of specific users, I want to make it automatic

looking for the response.

Thank You


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Hey @ahsangadit 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the community for help with your Zendesk integration. 

It will entirely depend on the data that is transferred from Zendesk as to how you can target future leads. However you can start with building a segment condition with the Status of the ticket. This will show you the profiles who have opened a ticket but has not resolved their open ticket. On the first Open Ticket definition, where ______ equals ______, this is where you might be able to narrow down to specific tickets but that will depend on the data that is transferred into Klaviyo from your account. 

Hope this helps!